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Havana Nights

In Fashion on March 7, 2011 at 10:48 am

My son’s preschool gala is somewhat legendary. People go all out—and I mean ALL OUT. Last year’s theme was Mad Men, complete with lipstick-smudged water glasses on tables, champagne cocktails, a tranny Marilyn auctioneer and unbelievable vintage frocks. This year the edict is Havana Nights. I’m a believer in wearing something you’ll wear again (which is why I’m having a devil of a time getting Mr. Foodinista into theme), and so for my getup I hunted down via ebay this sold-out (internationally) Lanvin H&M red silk ruffle dress in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is winging its way stateside as we speak. Perhaps it’s not quite Cuban, but I thought the color, ruffles and fleur fit the bill.

For Mr. Foodinista, I’m feeling like any Guantanemo Bay riffs are too…political. (For the same reason, I walked away from a Junya Watanbe Comme des Garçons camouflage frock.) So, ruling out berets and fatigues, it looks like my best shot at getting him in theme is a simple black suit à la Michael Corleone in the “I know it was you Fredo” NYE scene in Godfather II (my all-time favorite flick). He won’t wear white, I’m afraid.

Some simple styling will surely bring our ensembles together, and so I turned to three of my fashion muses for inspiration.

Dana Dickey, writer, editor, mother and all-around it girl.

“YOU MUST WEAR RED LIPPY AND A BIG TRASHY FLOWER IN YOUR SLICKED BACK HAIR IN A CHIGNON. And little gelee-ed spit curls, si? A Cuban theme means go big or stay home. And big black patent heels or something.

I guess you can’t get Mr. Foodinista to put on a pair of short short gym shorts with piping and a muscle shirt and go as a gay prossie? Well maybe a funny string tie with the suit you have in mind for him, or am I thinking of Rango? Oh, dear.”

Monica Corcoran Harel, author of The Fashion File: Advice, Tips and Inspiration from the Costume Designer of Mad Men, and wearer of the best dress in the room, always.

“Finally, an excuse to rent Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights with Diego Luna, Sela Ward and John Slattery! It’s set in the 50s, so you can glean retro inspiration there.

The red ruffled dress sounds perfect—high heels are a must. Maybe a faux mole on la cheeko? Come on! I second the red lips and super high heels—a T-strap.

I guess Mr. Foodinista won’t go as Tony Montana, but I think a stingy or snap brim straw would be cool if he opts for casual. (Go to Hollywood Hatters on Melrose.) Maybe you could go as Tony?”

Vincent Boucher, celebrity stylist and red carpet maestro

“Yes, a huge black flower either in your hair or at the waist. Center part and spit curls absolutely. If you don’t wear a flower then one of those big jeweled combs through your chignon.

Speaking of Fredo, can’t you get Mr. Foodinista to wear a white dinner jacket and the rest black? Alternatively, how about some kind of fancy bandleader jacket a la Ricky Babaloo Ricardo?”

Niche Modern Binary Pendant Lamp

In Design, Fashion, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on August 18, 2010 at 10:59 am

I received several emails yesterday about the pendant lamp in our kitchen. I love hearing from you, especially when you like something but even when you don’t! So thank you—and please don’t be shy, leave a comment! I have to tell you, this lamp really does it for me. I searched high and low to find just the right light fixture to hang above our kitchen table when we redid our kitchen a couple years ago. The winner was this Niche Modern Binary Pendant Lamp in the most delicious chocolate-colored glass. The company offers a dreamy series of hand-blown pendants with filament bulbs.

The initial inspiration for our kitchen lighting came from one of my most prized belongings, a “Bicycle Street, Paris 1963” 30 x 30 photograph from Melvin Sokolsky’s “Bubble” series for Harper’s Bazaar.

"Bicycle Street, Paris 1963" by Melvin Sokolsky

I wanted a translucent bubble-shaped shade floating above the table, much in the way that the bubble floats above Paris in this photograph, and I love the double bulbs in Niche’s binary lamp, which lend an organic feel to the fixture. In fact, this bubble in this photograph inspired much of the kitchen design like the round Cherner table that sits beneath it and a Max Bill clock that hangs nearby above the door.

Why my obsession with this photo? Beside the fact that it is GORGEOUS, forty years after the Bubble series was shot, I had the honor of producing a fashion shoot with Mr. Sokolsky at Disney Hall. We were the very first to shoot a fashion story at Disney Hall—before it was even open to the public—and it was a shoot I’ll never forget. One of my besties, Vincent Boucher, was the stylist on that story and we still laugh about how I literally had to take the shirt off my back (I wish I were kidding) to wipe out smudges left by the crew on Disney’s stainless steel exterior. And that was just the tip of that iceberg’s drama. Here’s a shot from that day. I like to think the metal boules are referencing those larger-than-life plexiglass bubbles Sokolsky used in Paris almost half a century ago…

© Melvin Sokolsky 2003

Summer Fruit Shortcake with Mascarpone

In Food on July 27, 2010 at 5:13 pm

I have three delicious words for you: Summer. Fruit. Shortcake. Okay, five, if you add: With. Mascarpone. Two crucial and decadent words. I mean, really, this recipe might be the last word in summer desserts. Our friend Vincent brought it over the other night in all its summery glory. It’s one large shortcake, which Vincent then cut into individual slices and—with a flair for drama—sprinkled with powdered sugar and drizzled with fruit juices reserved from the fresh raspberry, blackberry and peach filling.

It was so pretty that we busted out the silver. And then we cleaned our plates. And I mean CLEANED. Thank you, Vincent!

This One Takes the Cake

In Food on June 2, 2010 at 3:56 pm

I was feeling the foggy effects of the previous night’s gin and tonic(s) on Sunday when my sister, Claire, casually mentioned that she was going to bake a birthday cake for our friend Vincent. This one? I asked, looking at a cookbook photo of an intimidating confection that Julia Child calls her “Chocolate Ruffle Cake.” Never in a million years would I have les oeufs to tackle something like that, and I’ve repeatedly documented that I haven’t the patience nor precision for baking anything let alone hand-crafting chocolate freaking ruffles. And so I watched in awe as Claire melted chocolate, spread it on jellyroll pans, chilled and then went to work on her avant-gard frills, and the creme fraiche and cocoa filling dotted with raspberries between layers. She riffed on Julia’s cake by replacing the hard chocolate icing that wraps around the cake with a chocolate whipped cream frosting, which she topped with the afore-mentioned ruffles and fresh raspberries. That night, the birthday boy declared it “a true fashion cake.” It was, he said, the poustiest cake he’d ever seen. And it tasted just fabulous.

Meanwhile, back stage, here she is folding the cocoa powder into whipped eggs to make the genoise (pronounced jen-wahz) cake, which is so light.

Once the cake is baked, she sliced it into three layers. Each layer got topped with a framboise syrup, cocoa crème fraîche and fresh raspberries, which you chill in a cake pan w/ a removable bottom for several hours:

Here’s a close-up of those chic ruffles that she tucked into the top of the cake. It looked like something straight off the Marchesa runway!

And here’s a peek inside. Look at those luscious layers. I can tell you this cake is every bit as good for breakfast the next morning…

Dispatch from Gotham

In Food, Out of Town on April 23, 2010 at 3:25 pm

I opened up my email this morning to find the following. Live, from New York, it’s Vincent Boucher!

So I had just walked out of one of my favorite places in NYC, the Paul Smith flagship store on lower Fifth Avenue (there’s a magenta checked shirt there that has my name on it!) and a gorgeous buttery yellow truck caught my eye curbside. Going in for a closer look, I saw the logo on the side door – Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, direct from Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I stepped right up, and though I lingered at the thought of Strawberry or Hazelnut, it was The Foodinista’s and my shared fondness that determined my order: Peppermint and Chip. My generous single-scoop portion was delicately cream colored (the custard base is made with only fresh milk and cream from their cows up in the Adirondack’s) with flecks of chocolate – no artificial Avatar green color in the organic Oregon-sourced peppermint flavoring. Thin chips of Michel Cluizel 72% chocolate melted on the tongue and the peppermint taste was delicate and indeed, as the website says, refreshing. Since 15th and Fifth Avenue is one of Van Leeuwen’s regular stops (and I do have to pick up that shirt), I’ll be making a return trip to that corner before I head home to LA. I’m sure The Foodinista would approve.

Ready for the Red Carpet?

In Fashion, Media on March 7, 2010 at 2:32 pm

Countdown to awesome Oscar party at my neighbors Alex and Martha’s, starting at 4pm PST. Am frantically making lamb meatballs and yogurt mint sauce in nod to The Hurt Locker, which was epic and The Foodinista’s pick for best EVERYTHING. Switching gears, for a behind-the-scene look at getting ready for the Oscars and fashion predictions, check out my dear friend and stylist Vincent Boucher on today’s New York Times‘ Carpetbagger video. Click HERE for link. (Vincent, you are indeed the Mary Poppins of fashion.)

C’est Chick!

In Fashion, Food on October 2, 2009 at 11:06 am


Required reading: Today over at Couturealist, celebrity stylist Vincent Boucher talks about our favorite “It” girl, the chicken—and how her influence is popping up on the Spring 2010 fashion runways. Great post, VB!

Gather Ye Strawberries…

In Food on August 21, 2009 at 11:03 am


Strawberry season is coming to a close, so before they’re gone, I urge you to grab some this weekend. You will thank me—but mostly my friend Vincent—that you did. The other night Vincent came over for burgers (grilled to perfection by Mr. Foodinista), bringing with him an incredible brown butter shortcake with strawberries and whipped cream. The recipe hails from the New York Times, and tastes like pure summer. The brown butter shortcake—oh my god, so rich, so buttery, so delicious. I’m told the dessert made its heralded debut in The Pines on Fire Island last month, and its maiden West Coast appearance Wednesday night was equally lauded. In fact, it was so freaking good that I ungraciously demanded that he leave the lion’s share of the brown butter shortcake and all the berries behind. With friends like me, who needs shortcake?

Mom Jeans

In Fashion on August 16, 2009 at 9:59 am
Window at Barneys NYC, via husseinchalayan.com

Window at Barneys NYC, via husseinchalayan.com

Here’s the honest truth. I haven’t bought jeans since before getting pregnant, which is going on two years ago. So you can imagine how much the denim landscape has changed. To wit: does Paper Denim & Cloth even exist anymore? Enter stylist (and one of my besties) Vincent Boucher to the rescue. Yesterday, he whisked me over to Ron Herman to a J Brand jeans event, where I fell head over heels for this pair of “Circuit” harem-style jeans, a collaboration between J Brand and Hussein Chayalan. (In above photo, they are at far right.) Vincent’s and my former neighbor/J Brand designer Susie Crippin was wearing a pair, and while these amazing jeans aren’t going to have quite the same effect on yours truly as they did on Susie, I’m super excited about them. As well as the “Pencil” pair in Ghost (sort of faded black) I also grabbed for good measure:

Picture 2