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Your New Summer Cocktail: The Lulu

In Drink, Recipes on July 6, 2011 at 9:32 am

We’re back in the land of WiFi! And before I relive the past two dreamy, cellphone-free weeks at my in-law’s summer place in Vermont, I thought I’d share what is destined to become your new summer cocktail. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you THE LULU! The night before we left for Vermont, I was over at my friend (and celebrity caterer) Lulu Power’s for a girls dinner, and upon walking in the door, Lulu handed me a mason jar filled with muddled strawberries, fresh basil, with a splash of Aperol and St. Germain and topped up with Prosecco. Immediately I knew I would be drinking it all summer. It’s pretty, and pretty delicious.

Look for the juiciest strawberries you can find, like this pretty basket that we picked one afternoon at Dutton Farms in Newfane, Vermont.

Muddle a few strawberries and basil leaves in the bottom of a glass.

Add a splash each of Aperol and St Germain Elderflower Liqueur. I do about 1/2 ounce of Aperol and 1 ounce of St Germain. Throw in a few ice cubes, and then top with Prosecco.

Then settle into an adirondack and enjoy. For more entertaining and recipe ideas from Lulu (below), check out her fantastic book, Lulu Powers: Food to Flowers, and blog which currently features a sublime recipe for Chile & Cilantro Margaritas.

Party Hotline

In Drink, Food, Media on December 19, 2010 at 10:54 pm

There are some girls who make it all seem so effortless. You know, the ones who log a 60-hour work week, look like supermodels and can cook for a crowd without batting a lash? I worship at the 4-inch stilettos of these women. And so, as we head into the hullabaloo that are the Christmas and New Years holidays, I checked in with three haute hostesses for their top three secrets for holiday entertaining. And, as always, I learned a new trick. My fave might be from my friend Tanya, who builds in time for a quick escape before her guests arrive. And check out how my cooking club amigas Sally and and Lulu set the scene. Read on!

Tanya Steel, award-winning Editor-in-Chief, Epicurious.com and co-author of Real Food for Healthy Kids

Because I end up cooking almost the entire meal for every holiday, there are a few ways I ensure I will not be a crazed, exhausted, stressed-out person the day of—well, only somewhat crazed, exhausted, and stressed:

I prep every single possible part of every recipe the day before.

I force, I mean, ask my children to set the table the night before.

I get up early the day of the meal, finish prepping and cooking, and then go for a walk, by myself, so I can get 45-minutes of me time.

Lulu Powers, celebrity caterer and author of Lulu Powers Food to Flowers

Cocktail Ornaments: Store cranberries in the freezer to adorn cocktails with. These frozen delights will give any gathering the holiday spirit.

Festive Details: Details as small as festive cocktail napkins can make a big impact, so be prepared for any occasion by keeping a few readily available.

Jack-of-all-Toppings: Always have a bag of Sargento Artisan Blends shredded Parmesan on hand. It is perfect on soup, pasta, salad, chicken and so much more.

Sally Horchow, Lifestyle and Trend Expert and co-author of The Art of Friendship

Be smelly! We often focus so much on festive looking & tasting decor, cocktails, and nibbles, but the olfactory sense can make the most impact. Brew some mulling spices on the stove, decorate with fragrant paperwhites, pick one candle scent to burn in bathrooms and corner tables, or bake some gingerbread cookies just before showtime.

Prep for your conversations. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by hosting and end up disappointed that you didn’t get a chance to truly connect with anyone. Looking at your guest list in advance and preparing a few things you’d like to learn and/or say can help you cut to the chase and be a more thoughtful host.

Mix stationary and passed hors d’oeuvres. It’s easy for you and fun for your guests to have a central place to gather round to eat, but giving yourself at least one hors d’oeuvre to pass gives you the perfect excuse to weave your way through the party and interact with every guest.

And what’s The Foodinista’s top trick? When in doubt, serve more wine—and then a little bit more.

Lulu + Lonny

In Design, Fashion, Food, Media on December 13, 2010 at 10:23 pm

How great is Lonny Magazine? And why isn’t anything on the newsstands this much fun? I was already a fan, but then came the December issue and I nearly lost my marbles when I discovered that my friend Lulu Powers is on this month’s cover in a gorge photo by Patrick Cline! Lulu and I belong to the same cooking club, and I can tell you first hand that Lulu is the bomb. You’ll love taking a peek at her chic WeHo bungalow in this month’s Lonny, but the story will leave you wanting more. So whether you’re gifting yourself or another foodinista, Lulu’s new book, Lulu Powers Food to Flowers: Simple, Stylish Food for Easy Entertaining, is a must for your gift list!

Cooking Club

In Food on November 7, 2010 at 12:23 pm

My friend and entertainer extraordinaire Sally Horchow, pictured above right with celebrity caterer and author Lulu Powers, has written a great story about our cooking club, and it’s up online at the Los Angeles Times Magazine. I’ll let Sally do the talking, but let me just say that our cooking club is the delicious highlight of each month. Having joined earlier this year, I’m the newest member to cooking club—Sally was a founding member in 2002—and it is a true honor to break bread (and, let’s be honest, enjoy a little wine on the side) with this talented group. And the food is pretty damn good, too. Great story, Sally!

Designer Tag Sale

In Design, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on July 27, 2010 at 9:04 pm

Stop. The. Press. Sudden change of plans for this coming Saturday that don’t involve finishing my 2009 taxes (for reals! and yes, I know it’s almost August), washing my newly shorn hair or alphabetizing my spice rack, because I’m actually on top of the latter. Check out what promises to be an amazing yard/tag sale this Saturday in Brentwood, featuring more than thirty of LA’s top interior designers and stores/vendors selling items including small furniture such as side-tables, lamps, rugs, pillows, art, accessories and more at incredibly low prices—from $5-$200 (cash only). 

I’m particularly excited to see what Fyndes has on offer, as well as celebrity caterer Lulu Powers who will be signing copies of her fabby new book, Lulu Powers: Food to Flowers. [I have the book and it is loaded with creative entertaining ideas, to say nothing of yummy recipes.] Who’s hitting the west side with me???

Cooking Club with Lulu Powers

In Drink, Food on April 30, 2010 at 5:05 pm

Earlier this week, my friend Carrie invited me to her ultra-chic cooking club hosted by Sally Horchow (above, right). The group was honoring another member, Lulu Powers (above, left), and her fabby new book, Lulu Powers Food to Flowers. Lulu is a local celebrity, having catered for everyone from Madonna to Bill Clinton. Needless to say, the woman can cook. For Wednesday night’s cooking club, the theme was “breakfast for dinner” (a well-documented favorite around our house) and we all picked a recipe out of Lulu’s book. Check out the table Sally set with newspapers for a tablecloth (a decorating tip from Lulu), oranges for place card holders and mini boxed cereals as a centerpiece. Lulu says she likes to “buy newspapers from several cities, as well as a few tabloids for fun (otherwise known as my “periodicals”)! Whenever I throw a brunch like this, I find that everyone really starts talking about world events and reading from the papers and starting friendly debates, which makes it like a morning roundtable.”

Okay, now for the food. Let’s start with Sally, who made a killer vegetable herb frittata that was the hit of the evening. A word about the photo below. Sally is standing next to a photo of her grandmother, Fay Pfeifer, who was a finalist in the Flour Division of the 1970 Pillsbury Bake Off for her Toffee Treasure Cake, which Sally describes as “more coffee cake than dessert, though made with Heath Bars – and progressive for that year because of her use of the bundt pan! She was from Little Rock, Arkansas, and every cook in my family has a book of her recipes called ‘Our FAYvorites.’ ”

Here’s a close-up of the frittata, and reason alone to buy the book.

Carrie made Lulu’s Granola for party favors plus a bowl for nibbling, and Stacy made awesome Chocolate Banana Bread with ice cream for dessert (sadly I don’t have a photo) as well Lulu’s Body Scrub made with coffee and lavender, which she put in these little canisters from Cost Plus. I’m keeping mine by our kitchen sink as it’s great for softening hands and smells divine.

As for the rest of the lineup, Sally also did Spicy English Breakfast Sausage Rolls; Alix made Green Salad with Orange Cilantro Dressing; Jess made Mini Turkey Breakfast Patties; Megan did Sugar-Crusted Raspberry Muffins; Nicky brought Cheddar and Ham Biscuits; I brought a Fruit Salad with Rosemary Syrup; and Lulu arrived with a tray of Bloody Mary fixings. Here’s a taste:

A seriously fun evening where the company was every bit as delicious as the food!