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Havana Nights

In Fashion on March 7, 2011 at 10:48 am

My son’s preschool gala is somewhat legendary. People go all out—and I mean ALL OUT. Last year’s theme was Mad Men, complete with lipstick-smudged water glasses on tables, champagne cocktails, a tranny Marilyn auctioneer and unbelievable vintage frocks. This year the edict is Havana Nights. I’m a believer in wearing something you’ll wear again (which is why I’m having a devil of a time getting Mr. Foodinista into theme), and so for my getup I hunted down via ebay this sold-out (internationally) Lanvin H&M red silk ruffle dress in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is winging its way stateside as we speak. Perhaps it’s not quite Cuban, but I thought the color, ruffles and fleur fit the bill.

For Mr. Foodinista, I’m feeling like any Guantanemo Bay riffs are too…political. (For the same reason, I walked away from a Junya Watanbe Comme des Garçons camouflage frock.) So, ruling out berets and fatigues, it looks like my best shot at getting him in theme is a simple black suit à la Michael Corleone in the “I know it was you Fredo” NYE scene in Godfather II (my all-time favorite flick). He won’t wear white, I’m afraid.

Some simple styling will surely bring our ensembles together, and so I turned to three of my fashion muses for inspiration.

Dana Dickey, writer, editor, mother and all-around it girl.

“YOU MUST WEAR RED LIPPY AND A BIG TRASHY FLOWER IN YOUR SLICKED BACK HAIR IN A CHIGNON. And little gelee-ed spit curls, si? A Cuban theme means go big or stay home. And big black patent heels or something.

I guess you can’t get Mr. Foodinista to put on a pair of short short gym shorts with piping and a muscle shirt and go as a gay prossie? Well maybe a funny string tie with the suit you have in mind for him, or am I thinking of Rango? Oh, dear.”

Monica Corcoran Harel, author of The Fashion File: Advice, Tips and Inspiration from the Costume Designer of Mad Men, and wearer of the best dress in the room, always.

“Finally, an excuse to rent Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights with Diego Luna, Sela Ward and John Slattery! It’s set in the 50s, so you can glean retro inspiration there.

The red ruffled dress sounds perfect—high heels are a must. Maybe a faux mole on la cheeko? Come on! I second the red lips and super high heels—a T-strap.

I guess Mr. Foodinista won’t go as Tony Montana, but I think a stingy or snap brim straw would be cool if he opts for casual. (Go to Hollywood Hatters on Melrose.) Maybe you could go as Tony?”

Vincent Boucher, celebrity stylist and red carpet maestro

“Yes, a huge black flower either in your hair or at the waist. Center part and spit curls absolutely. If you don’t wear a flower then one of those big jeweled combs through your chignon.

Speaking of Fredo, can’t you get Mr. Foodinista to wear a white dinner jacket and the rest black? Alternatively, how about some kind of fancy bandleader jacket a la Ricky Babaloo Ricardo?”

You Say Tomato…

In Design on April 24, 2010 at 12:13 pm

I have a favorite pair of Lanvin ballet flats that are the prettiest shade of red I think I’ve ever seen. It’s almost a tomato, or, more accurately, what the Ben Color Capture app on my iPhone calls “Poppy.” (There are fantastic applications for this fantastic application, like when my friend Katie photographed our friend Hugh and discovered that his skin tone was akin to Benjamin Moore’s “Coyote Trail” and “Nutmeg.”)

But back to my shoes. According to Farrow & Ball, the color is called Incarnadine, or blood red. Whatever it’s called, I want a bookcase painted this color in my new office—and I love how it pops against the above shade of F&B’s Pigeon gray, which is one of the contenders for the office walls.

Ask the Foodinista

In Fashion on March 23, 2010 at 5:22 pm

Dear Foodinista:
I am traveling to Maui next week with my family. We’re going to eat well, and they’re going to bake by the pool while I go look at some of the island’s new organic farms. But my problem—I need a hat that can look great poolside, but also won’t seem too stupid fashiony while I’m trekking across irrigation ditches. I’ve noticed you seem to have the SoCal hat situation down pat. Any suggestions?
Sun Damaged in Los Angeles

Dear Sun Damaged:

In lieu of a cliché Rag & Bone or Juicy Couture straw fedora, why not check out one of these Irish linen hats (above) from Australian designer Helen Kaminski? They are chic and understated and perfect for travel. I have one in navy but I feel like the sand might be better in the heat. They have them at Pickett Fences on Larchmont, or I think I’ve seen them at Saks. Of course if money were no object—and, ultimately, I think it’s too loud for Maui—I’d be going the way of a Lanvin upturned crochet straw hat (avail at Barneys for a mere $368):

Postcards from Billy: Seeing Red

In Fashion, Media on February 2, 2010 at 11:21 am

For the newly initiated, POSTCARDS is recurring feature with fashion advice from my dear friend Billy, an art consultant with a wicked eye and even wickeder wardrobe. In this edition, he plans for a birthday bash and—appropriately, on the day of Oscar nominations—takes red carpet fashion to task…


Dearest Foodinista, you must come for a visit soon and you are more than welcome to stay at my humble abode (cost savings measure to buy even more Haider Ackermann). I so need a big dose of you. Had a marathon long distance drinks call with my dearest Texas friend, Ann Hobson, to get advice on an upcoming momentous rite of passage – my 40th birthday. So, of course my mind goes directly to a few things (1) chic locale – I am thinking either Dallas or Palm Springs (would the Kaufmann house not be super swellegant?) (2) wardrobe choices and (3) music.

I will go directly to music – I am now listening to the following three things on Youtube for inspiration: Noonday Underground London (so chic and makes me want to only spend time with girls who have chic bobs or falls), Carpenters Superstar (found a great video where Karen is so tragically thin she can barely hold the microphone) and Astrud Gilbertos Ipanema (OMG – the video where she walks through a curving stage set, perfection).

Now, wardrobe – I’ve been buying sale shoes at Saks like it’s a hurricane and I am stocking up for the onslaught. If it’s Palm Springs, lots of excuses for wearing all sorts of khakis, both shorts and trousers, with brilliant loafers. I’ve also found someone in Atlanta that I am potentially designing a line with and she has been embroidering my old school Brooks Brothers (boys size) oxfords with all sorts of whimsical things like guns and helicopters. I am also seriously coveting a Filson shooting bag. Only an It girl like you could understand – everyone else hates it. Please take a look and help me decide between hunter green and khaki. It’s so Louis Vuitton last season.

[FOODINISTA NOTE: Billy, darling, I purchased the otter green Filson field bag as a diaper bag for Mr Foodinista almost two years ago, though admittedly the shooting bag would have been much more avant garde. Love it, especially with cashmere. Go with the green.]

I might have something else on its way this week. I went to Saks one last time to rummage through the sales stuff and found a brilliant pair of Gucci blue driving loafers with a bamboo bit. Apparently they had my size at another store and they might be able to ship. It’s a little 50/50 on the chances. Not versatile by any stretch of the imagination, but when they do make an appearance it will be memorable (sort of like my recent red shoe purchases).

So, any thoughts on the Globes dresses? Ann and I in unison said that Chloe Sevigny in the Valentino was amazing, unfortunately it didn’t photography well and thus she was universally panned. Where was Tilda Swinton? The only one who can pull off Lanvin with such ease and wit, and the only woman who understands it…(except perhaps Daphne Guinness). Although, the only other standout was someone who did wear Lanvin well – January Jones. She was close to perfection since the weather called for an oversized umbrella, in black, that matched her chic black patent leather headband. Sometimes we have to be thankful for a rainy forecast.
All of the awards have become like an episode of 7th Heaven. Everything looks staged to make conservative, Christian middle-America feel safe and not challenged. The dresses are so boring, that I can now turn on an awards show and get the same effect as taking an Ambien. Why am I such an optimist that I feel that the Oscars may have some girls that actually take a risk. Short cocktail dresses or pants would be so interesting amongst the boring sea of long, asymmetrical gowns.

Let me know about your potential trip. We will need lots of time watching DVD’s like Valentino and the Secret World of Haute Couture (have you seen it? Brilliant footage of Betsy Bloomingdale and Deeda Blair) with exorbitant amounts of vino. Well, if a trip sounds appealing, give me a call.

Biggest kiss


In Fashion, Film on January 11, 2009 at 9:08 pm


Every year my friend Jill and I get together for the Golden Globes and phone in info to friends/colleagues working the red carpet. This year, however, we watched from our respective residences with our respective munchkins. But an afternoon of heavy texting ensued; my end of the conversation went something like this. A mess—Debra Messing’s hair! Drew’s hair – crazy! (Relapse?) The lovely Freida Pinto from Slumdog Millionaire so pretty in a mustard gown, but what’s up with the draping? Olivia Wild from House…love the lavender Reem Acra gown but, sweetie, you’re on TV. Dial it down a little. That said, Eva Longoria looked very old Hollywood glam in a Reem Acra red number. God I love Alec Baldwin. Miley Cyrus Mom – total train wreck (“vintage BCBG” are you kidding me?). Biggest risk and biggest payoff, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s turquoise leopard Lanvin stunner. So chic! Cameron Diaz looks amazing in totally fab Chanel Haute Couture in pink. chanelpinkKate Winslet, classic and lovely in YSL. Biggest miss – Marisa Tomei. No, scratch that, Renée Zellweger. And the Golden Globe goes to…Lorraine Schwartz, whose jewels showed up on 99% of all women on the carpet, most notably Beyoncé. Gorgeous Gossip Girl Blake Lively in ill-fitting sequined Nina Ricci number. XO XO.


For a sampling of Jill’s texts, click READ MORE below. Funny, funny girl.

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