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Heath House Numbers

In Design on May 3, 2011 at 12:05 pm

Back in December, I was kicking around Heath Ceramics on Beverly and my heart skipped a beat. There in the back corner was a crate full of prototypes for Heath Ceramic House Numbers—in both Neutra and Eames number fonts (below photo via heathceramics.com):

I dug and I dug until I found our house numbers, snatching up the very last numero “2.” And then I wrapped up the tiles and put them under the Christmas tree for my husband. We are Heath fanatics, and I think I’ve mentioned before that our dishes inspired much of the color palette for the rest of the house—inside and out:

When he unwrapped the numbers on Christmas Eve, we didn’t know when we would be restuccoing our house but we were both seriously excited about putting these up when we did. And finally, just last week, we finished the stucco and the new trim. But best of all, we mounted the new numbers right into the stucco. Take a look at what they replaced:

The numbers, which are a collaboration between Heath Ceramics and House Industries, will be available for sale starting June 1 at Heath Ceramics. Here’s a look at the Eames as well (via heathceramics.com):