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The Refrigerator Personality Test

In Food on April 8, 2010 at 10:18 am

“Show me what you store, and I’ll tell you what you are,” wrote Los Angeles Times Food Editor Russ Parsons in a column last year entitled “The Refrigerator Personality Test.” I’ve known Russ for over a decade, and worked with him for at least half that long, but after reading that column learned a little more about this superb human being. Like that Russ is sentimental and hangs onto hot sauce for 20 years. That he is perhaps also fickle in love, which explains the fleeting flirtation with a tube of cast-aside yuzu-koshu pepper paste. I’ve never forgotten the story, and was reminded of it again this morning when I was looking for something as simple as a jar of Dijon mustard (we’re out) and instead found a random of assortment of condiments that included four spicy mustards of varying heat, jars of capers, lemon curd, fig paste, pomegranate syrup, two jars of Nuttzo (god forbid we run out, but seriously, it’s great in a smoothie), almond butter, pistachio and walnut oils, Sriracha, tubes of anchovy and tomato paste and several bottles of apéritifs and rosé in the refrigerator door alone. They are joined by less esoteric tubs of mayonnaise, ketchup, maple syrup, soy sauce, Diet Dr. Pepper and butter.

My refrigerator shelves reinforce that I am far less imaginative than Russ, whose fridge boasts caramelized onions, olives he’s cured, undeveloped rolls of film, Spanish pickled anchovies and Cougar Gold canned cheese. In my own icebox, I find enough dairy to start, well, a dairy: milk, buttermilk, cream, eggs, plain yogurt (sheep and cow), mascarpone, and more cheese than I could ever eat (which is a lie; I will eat it all: parm, goat, feta, blue, pecorino, Swiss, Vermont cheddar, fresh ricotta, cream cheese, shredded pepper Jack; string cheese for Tiny G). There’s more rosé, Madeira, several bottles of Japanese and Belgian beer, a bottle of Henriot, half finished jar of chocolate sauce, a jar of my aunt Margaret’s homemade peach preserves, two kinds of hummus, puréed squash and ground chicken for Tiny G’s lunch, his sippy cup of milk unfinished from this morning, bacon, a ribeye (for Mr Foodinista’s dinner while I’m at book club tonight), radishes, green onions, cured green olives, a bag of flax seeds, half a red pepper, broccoli, asparagus, basil (most other herbs come from the garden but we need to replant basil, which got attacked), cold cuts of roast beef, a couple bottles of mineral water, huge jar of Bubbies bread and butter chips, blood orange juice, tortillas, strawberries, cantaloupe and a bowl leftover cherry tomato and bocconcini with basil salad from last night’s dinner.

Now that I write that all out, it sounds like a LOT. I guess it is a lot. But in reality the depth of our fridge is pretty shallow, which I love. Items are less likely to get lost and go to waste. (Our freezer drawers are another story for another post.) And after cataloging the contents above, I think I’m going to try to cook my way through our condiments. And cheese, of course. Any ideas? And while we’re at it, what’s in your fridge????

And to Drink?

In Drink on November 24, 2009 at 12:05 pm

I’m anxiously awaiting the delivery of our heritage bird via FedEx. Last year, it arrived wearing a silver Prada Sport-inspired aluminized bubble wrap to keep Tom cool. (And at those prices—$129 for a 10-12 lb bird—I hope it was Prada.) While we wait for this year’s fashionable arrival, let’s talk about what we’re going to drink on Thursday!

I’m torn because my father is a hard-core White Burgundy fan, and my sister is a Russian River Pinot Noir devotée. My husband likes California Chardonnay, and I’d rather be drinking Alsatian Riesling, but would be thrilled with a bottle of Lopez Heredia “Viña Tondonia” Rosado Rioja—an earthy, nutty and fruity Spanish rosé. In fact, Spanish wines in general—red, white, pink, bubbly—are a great choice for Thanksgiving since they have both that Old World minerality and earthiness, and that New World fruitiness. (For more on this, check out my Thanksgiving Wine piece in the November 2009 issue of Bon Appétit Magazine.) I was loving Lopez Heredia rosé all summer after my friend Dudley introduced me to it, and the love affair continues well into fall…

Of course, the one area on which we all agree is Champagne to start, particularly blanc de blancs, which is made with 100% Chardonnay grapes. I’m thinking either a Ruinart or Henriot would be perfect with the smoked salmon & crème fraîche app we’re planning. Cheers to Thanksgiving!