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Ask the Foodinista

In Fashion on March 23, 2010 at 5:22 pm

Dear Foodinista:
I am traveling to Maui next week with my family. We’re going to eat well, and they’re going to bake by the pool while I go look at some of the island’s new organic farms. But my problem—I need a hat that can look great poolside, but also won’t seem too stupid fashiony while I’m trekking across irrigation ditches. I’ve noticed you seem to have the SoCal hat situation down pat. Any suggestions?
Sun Damaged in Los Angeles

Dear Sun Damaged:

In lieu of a cliché Rag & Bone or Juicy Couture straw fedora, why not check out one of these Irish linen hats (above) from Australian designer Helen Kaminski? They are chic and understated and perfect for travel. I have one in navy but I feel like the sand might be better in the heat. They have them at Pickett Fences on Larchmont, or I think I’ve seen them at Saks. Of course if money were no object—and, ultimately, I think it’s too loud for Maui—I’d be going the way of a Lanvin upturned crochet straw hat (avail at Barneys for a mere $368):

Hats Off

In Fashion on January 26, 2009 at 7:01 pm


Aretha Franklin has had me obsessing about hats all week, and while I don’t think I quite have the bravado to pull off the wool-and-crystal number she wore at the inauguration from Mr. Song Millinery in Detroit,  I might take a page out of my cousin Stefanie’s book and hit up East Village milliner Eugenia Kim. (Stef has more than two dozen hats from Eugenia Kim alone.)eugeniakim I love this cashmere/wool Marlena ruched rose beret in charcoal and black plaid, or this grey and chartreuse feathered Nikki headband, which I won’t be getting because my husband just glanced over and saw the price and was like “A hundred and five dollars for a HEADBAND?” But if you’re in the market, Barneys and Madison LA both carry Eugenia Kim, or order online by clicking here.


Eugenia Kim Nikki Headband

Eugenia Kim Nikki Headband