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Office Space

In Design, Fashion on July 26, 2010 at 2:56 pm

I realize that I never posted pics of the finished office! I’m sitting here at my desk writing my December column for Bon Appétit and feeling so blessed. I love my job. I love this office. And I love staring out the French doors at our tomato red vintage lawn chairs by the fountain. I should figure out how to record audio to share because all I can hear is the trickle of water, some birds chirping and the hum of a lawnmower somewhere nearby. You would never know we are smack in the middle of Los Angeles! Here are a few more pics. I’m super happy with the way the bookshelves turned out.

One side of the bookcase is devoted to food/wine and the other to fashion/design. Tucked in are a few favorite mementos, like these feathered Venetian masques we wore on New Years Eve at Lucques back in 2006, the night we got engaged.

While I’m no Einstein, I’m happy to quote Albert when he asks, “If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk?” Yours truly has never been accused of having a clean desk, though I do like to think there’s order and—better yet—inspiration in my chaos. When I’m stuck on a story—like, um, now—I find myself zoning out on this awesome vintage Gucci attaché from the 60s my dad gave me, or this snow globe my sister brought back from Paris last week until I figure a way back into the story.

Bingo! Okay, back to work……….

Postcards from Billy: Seeing Red

In Fashion, Media on February 2, 2010 at 11:21 am

For the newly initiated, POSTCARDS is recurring feature with fashion advice from my dear friend Billy, an art consultant with a wicked eye and even wickeder wardrobe. In this edition, he plans for a birthday bash and—appropriately, on the day of Oscar nominations—takes red carpet fashion to task…


Dearest Foodinista, you must come for a visit soon and you are more than welcome to stay at my humble abode (cost savings measure to buy even more Haider Ackermann). I so need a big dose of you. Had a marathon long distance drinks call with my dearest Texas friend, Ann Hobson, to get advice on an upcoming momentous rite of passage – my 40th birthday. So, of course my mind goes directly to a few things (1) chic locale – I am thinking either Dallas or Palm Springs (would the Kaufmann house not be super swellegant?) (2) wardrobe choices and (3) music.

I will go directly to music – I am now listening to the following three things on Youtube for inspiration: Noonday Underground London (so chic and makes me want to only spend time with girls who have chic bobs or falls), Carpenters Superstar (found a great video where Karen is so tragically thin she can barely hold the microphone) and Astrud Gilbertos Ipanema (OMG – the video where she walks through a curving stage set, perfection).

Now, wardrobe – I’ve been buying sale shoes at Saks like it’s a hurricane and I am stocking up for the onslaught. If it’s Palm Springs, lots of excuses for wearing all sorts of khakis, both shorts and trousers, with brilliant loafers. I’ve also found someone in Atlanta that I am potentially designing a line with and she has been embroidering my old school Brooks Brothers (boys size) oxfords with all sorts of whimsical things like guns and helicopters. I am also seriously coveting a Filson shooting bag. Only an It girl like you could understand – everyone else hates it. Please take a look and help me decide between hunter green and khaki. It’s so Louis Vuitton last season.

[FOODINISTA NOTE: Billy, darling, I purchased the otter green Filson field bag as a diaper bag for Mr Foodinista almost two years ago, though admittedly the shooting bag would have been much more avant garde. Love it, especially with cashmere. Go with the green.]

I might have something else on its way this week. I went to Saks one last time to rummage through the sales stuff and found a brilliant pair of Gucci blue driving loafers with a bamboo bit. Apparently they had my size at another store and they might be able to ship. It’s a little 50/50 on the chances. Not versatile by any stretch of the imagination, but when they do make an appearance it will be memorable (sort of like my recent red shoe purchases).

So, any thoughts on the Globes dresses? Ann and I in unison said that Chloe Sevigny in the Valentino was amazing, unfortunately it didn’t photography well and thus she was universally panned. Where was Tilda Swinton? The only one who can pull off Lanvin with such ease and wit, and the only woman who understands it…(except perhaps Daphne Guinness). Although, the only other standout was someone who did wear Lanvin well – January Jones. She was close to perfection since the weather called for an oversized umbrella, in black, that matched her chic black patent leather headband. Sometimes we have to be thankful for a rainy forecast.
All of the awards have become like an episode of 7th Heaven. Everything looks staged to make conservative, Christian middle-America feel safe and not challenged. The dresses are so boring, that I can now turn on an awards show and get the same effect as taking an Ambien. Why am I such an optimist that I feel that the Oscars may have some girls that actually take a risk. Short cocktail dresses or pants would be so interesting amongst the boring sea of long, asymmetrical gowns.

Let me know about your potential trip. We will need lots of time watching DVD’s like Valentino and the Secret World of Haute Couture (have you seen it? Brilliant footage of Betsy Bloomingdale and Deeda Blair) with exorbitant amounts of vino. Well, if a trip sounds appealing, give me a call.

Biggest kiss

The Skinny on Lard

In Fashion, Food on April 29, 2009 at 6:41 pm


The other day I mentioned in a post about heirloom beans, that when cooking beans it’s best to use some sort of fat—be that olive oil, freshly rendered lard or bacon fat. The mention of the word “lard” seemed to cause something of a stir, prompting one reader to comment that it was “fattening and disgusting.” Turns out, there’s a difference between fat and fattening—and recent research shows that lard may have gotten an unfair rap. (The fresh kind that is, not the industrial scary stuff.) In fact, according to bonappetit.com, freshly rendered lard “contains less bad (saturated) fat and more good (monounsaturated) fat than butter.” Think of it more closely akin to olive oil. For more info on fats, check out this article by Nina Planck. And thanks everyone for joining the debate!

Next time we’ll talk about my favorite diet food, melted lardo (cured pig fat with rosemary) on crostini, and after that we’ll discuss why I can no longer fit into my blood red velvet Gucci tuxedo pants from Tom Ford’s final collection for the label, circa 2004…


Friday Follies: The Fashionable Mr. Ripley

In Fashion, Film on January 30, 2009 at 7:57 am

Friday Follies [n., pl.] postings on Fridays about fashion and food in film from guest bloggers with impeccable taste.


As a 26-year-old girl (who is happily engaged), I have to say The Talented Mr. Ripley could have been just as breathtaking if it were a silent film—simply because Jude Law‘s look completely takes over the screen. In other words: He’s flammable in this movie. Even golden goddess Gwyneth Paltrow is overshadowed by his wardrobe and beauty. Still, Paltrow doesn’t have the advantage of playing opposite a frumpy nerd like Law’s character does, which only helps his fashionable cause. 

The film earned an Academy Award nomination for best costume design in 1999 for its flawless wardrobe circa the late 1950s, all of which looked deliberate, natural, subtle, easy and yet fabulously exotic. With the use of wardrobe the audience really feels the Dickie Greenleaf vivre and luxurious life. But I assume the Oscar nod must have been rooted in the way Jude Law looked in a deep cobalt silk jacket, Persol aviators—which he wears while sipping Campari on his sailboat, Italian swim wear, and the fact that he never once wore socks. I appreciate that even though the film was referencing a period four decades prior, the costumes reflected the era without being over-the-top or too in your face. 

Bonus: One of the last scenes takes place in the Gucci store in Roma! 


Extra credit: See the cult-classic (French version) filmed in 1960, Plein Soleil, staring Alain Delon which rivals (if not beats) the American version in the wardrobe and substance department.—Lizzie Garrett, DESIGNwatcher


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Postcards from Billy

In Fashion, Film, Food on January 25, 2009 at 4:32 pm

stamps3Back by popular demand is the latest edition of fashion advice from my dear friend Billy, an art consultant with a wicked eye and even wickeder wardrobe. This time he takes us on a tour of Atlanta’s hotspots, from museums to dinner to designer shopping to dressing in drag.


Finally settling in to my new zip code, 30309 – which is found somewhere between hipster Little Five Points and childless-couple-with-rescued-lab Virginia Highlands. I’ve been here for over four months, but really haven’t explored much until 2009. Alas, I was too busy this fall racking up frequent flyer miles on American Airlines. Since Dallas was my last port of call, I had somehow achieved gold status in the past year and since gold is the new silver, it’s an airport distinction I’m eager to keep. 

I used to spend quite a bit of time in Atlanta when growing up in Tallahassee, the capital for those who’ve forgotten that bit of knowledge from middle school. It has changed dramatically and many of my old haunts have been razed to make way for the young professional condo market. I’ve been most saddened by the departure of Backstreet, a true gay rite of passage from my youth. As a small town boy looking for big city glamour, we would often make the pilgrimage to Atlanta to visit this multi-level gay watering hole. Its primary claim to fame was the 24-hour liquor license. We didn’t discover this wonderful attribute until the wee hours on our first visit. We pounded drinks expecting last call to be around the corner and were pleasantly surprised to see that it never came.

Atlanta was the shopping mecca of the South back in the day and it still holds that distinction (save for Miami, which is more Brazil than Florida). For true shoppers and New Yorkers who hold Jeffrey in the Meat Packing district in the highest regard, Atlanta was the first outpost for this well edited boutique. 

For more of Billy’s best-of-Atlanta, click READ MORE below…

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