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Work in Progress

In Design, Media on June 22, 2010 at 8:51 pm

Sorry for ducking out like that. I’ve been sick as a dog fighting a wicked summer cold for almost a week now. During the midst of which I’ve been researching and writing an upcoming column for Bon Appétit (thank the lord I wrote my tasting notes before I lost all sense of taste and smell). Which is why I haven’t had time to finish unpacking my office or hang pictures on the walls or take photos or any of that fun stuff. But even amid the chaos, when I sat down yesterday in my sparkling new office chair and pulled up to my newly arrived and assembled George Nelson Swag Leg Work Table, I was ready to write. Would this sublime desk, by osmosis, make my prose any prettier? I wondered. “Might be more effective if it were a Nelson George desk,” replied my esteemed colleague Eric Asimov of the New York Times. As with yesterday’s column on American Gewürztraminers, the man has a point.

Tabula Rasa

In Design on April 21, 2010 at 9:59 am

I did it. I ordered my dream desk—a George Nelson Swag Leg Rectangular Table with a walnut veneer top. I’ve thought about this desk for so long, imagined the stories that would be written here—the gorgeous sculptured chrome legs sending up electromagnetic waves of inspiration to anyone seated at the table. But beyond the sheer beauty of the thing, this table represents new beginnings. A literal blank slate. In the past year, I’ve made big changes professionally. Leaving a full-time office job that I loved—and all the daily mayhem that goes with the territory—to a new chapter working from home, which brings its own brand of chaos and distraction. As our home office continues to take shape (drywall goes up today!) and with my new desk en route, is it crazy that I already feel a sense of calm and (pending) order? I guess that’s the power of good design.

Office Space

In Design on November 22, 2009 at 10:05 am
Photo: Mark Peterson via NYMAG.COM

photo: mark peterson via nymag.com

Recently I left my full-time job at the world’s best food magazine, and am now working from home. My husband and I are debating whether or not we turn the guest room into an office—easy enough—or really go to town and convert the garage into a workspace, which would involve big-time construction. While we weigh the pros and cons, I’ve started thinking about office design. It’s no accident that Ana Wintour’s is so chic. Ditto for Mary Randolph Carter’s of Ralph Lauren (below). How could you not be inspired in one of these spaces?

photo via theselby.com

To that end I’m relying on my surroundings to imbue creativity. I would kill to have the George Nelson Roll Top Desk that graced my office at the Los Angeles Times Magazine many moons ago (not to mention the Eames management guest chairs—it’s nuts that that stuff was just kicking around the newspaper).

In doing a little research, buying a vintage one is going to run anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000. Something tells me Santa Baby isn’t thinking I’ve been that good this year. I’m also in love with this George Nelson Rectangular Work Table, which is equally dreamy and offers plenty of work space.

I’m thinking it will look great with an antique dark red persian rug I appropriated from my parents years ago. When it comes to chairs, I’m really torn—by price more than anything else. Of course, the fantasy has always been the Eames Aluminum Management Chair in Powder Blue leather. It’s also so chic in tan.

Or, until that ship comes in, what about the Setu Chair, also from Herman Miller? Similar lines, ergonomic design and a third the price:

Next up: bookshelves. And lighting.