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Nights of Wine and Roses

In Design, Drink, Fashion, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on May 7, 2013 at 10:48 am

Lily Lodge Veuve Clicquot Rosé

A few weeks ago I received an invitation from Veuve Clicquot to join for an evening floral arranging class with my friend Ariana Lambert Smeraldo at her ultra-chic floral boutique, Lily Lodge. I knew it would be fun and that I’d learn a thing or two because Ariana has exquisite taste and her floral arrangements are second to none (psst—if you are wondering what we moms really want for Mother’s Day, a big green box from Lily Lodge is a good start). If you’ve ever wondered who does the drop-dead gorgeous arrangements at Bouchon, it’s this girl:

Ariana Lambert Smeraldo

At some point we’ll want to devote another post to Ariana’s hair, but in the meantime back to the flowers. Buckets of orange and pink petals on tables as Ariana instructed us how to arrange, starting with our biggest blooms first and playing around with height and color.

Lily Lodge Veuve Clicquot


lily lodge floral class

There were trays of gorgeous little lobster rolls and ahi on cucumbers. Even the food was pink and orange!

mini lobster roll

I love the idea of using cupcake wrappers for popcorn or crab salad. Wouldn’t they be great for a birthday party?


And there was champagne, lots of it—pretty little coupes of Veuve Clicquot Rosé with candied rose petals were on offer from young gents, also with good hair.


If I can ask you to refocus your attention for just one moment, check out the gorgeous array of vintage vases over his shoulder in the background. Oh, that’s what you were looking at all along? Good. Because one of Ariana’s exquisite arrangements sent in a vintage vase for Mother’s Day would really knock it out of the park.

Christine Natalie Nina

At the end of the evening we got to take home our creations. I love Natalie Martin‘s arrangement, above, but she is a fashion designer after all so of course hers is going to look fabulous! Ditto for the stylings of STYLOOT co-founder, Carlota Espinsoa, below.

carlota espinosa

Even if my own arrangement was, in Ariana’s words “wild and crazy,” I am absolutely wild and crazy about it! Here it is on our kitchen table.

heathers flowers

Cheers and thanks to you, Ariana, for an absolutely beautiful evening.

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Reception at Lily Lodge photos courtesy of Veuve Clicquot.

It’s Genetic.

In Fashion, Out of Town on February 16, 2010 at 11:10 pm

Do you ever have one of those mornings when you ask yourself…Am I being punked? Because that was what went through my mind when I unzipped my suitcase this morning only to find that while I had four different long-sleeved black shirt options ranging from cashmere to silk to cotton and as many pairs of shoes and tubes of lipgloss, I’d forgotten to pack any pants. No biggie, except that this afternoon I was speaking in front of 50 people. I wore an oooold frayed pair of jeans up on the plane last night (BUR > OAK) with Tiny G in anticipation of possible disaster, so those were out of the question. My mother, who is 5’4″ and lives 5 minutes away from where the conference is being held here in the Napa Valley, offered to loan me a pair of hers. I’m 5’8″, so that really wasn’t going to fly either.

Thankfully, salvation came from a different gene pool. This morning, I was rescued by a pair of Genetic Denim’s “The Shane Cigarette” in Zinc at Pearl in St Helena. They look really dressy and I love the way they fit!

Guess Who?

In Fashion on May 7, 2009 at 7:23 am


Okay, Oscar de la Renta this is not, but can you guess the designer of this graphic linen sundress? One friend guessed Michael Kors. Another ventured Anthropologie. In fact, it is from Old Navy and cost $24.50! Upon revealing this to one inquisitor, I could tell that she liked the dress a little less after learning of its plebeian origins, which kind of made me love it all the more. I deliberately bought it a size too small so it fits a little more a-liney retro-mod and a couple inches above the knee—less sack-like—and have worn it to work with navy tights, tomato-red patent-leather flats and a little cashmere cardigan. On the weekends, it takes a casual turn with flip flops. I can tell I’m going to live in this all summer.

Queens of Green

In Fashion, Film on February 22, 2009 at 10:23 pm


Oscar fashion this year was a serious snooze. Red, black, white—we get it. Natalie Portman looked incredible in Rodarte because she’s incapable of making a fashion misstep, but in general, no great hits and no great misses (with the possible exception of Miley Cyrus’s clam gown, but she’s a kid so who cares). But I was sort of obsessed with Angelina Jolie’s Lorraine Schwartz emeralds. It got me thinking about other great emerald Oscar moments. Last year, it was Jacqueline Durran’s Oscar win for Costume Design in Atonement based, let’s face it, on this dress alone:


Also, last year, a gorgeous pregnant Cate Blanchett rocked some serious emeralds from Lorraine Schwartz:


And then who has ever worn the color better than Angelica Huston for her 1985 Oscar win for Prizzi’s Honor?


Julianne Moore took a turn in an amazing Tom Ford for YSL emerald frock at the Academy Awards in 2003 when she was nominated for both Far From Heaven and The Hours:


I guess I’ve been fixated on emerald green for the past few weeks since Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly wore that INSANE dress from Balmain at the He’s Just Not That Into You premiere:


Update 1/23/09: I am begrudgingly addressing my friend Jill’s comment about Oscar-winner Gwyneth Paltrow’s turn in emerald in Great Expectations. I didn’t initially include it because TheFoodinista.com is a Gwyneth-free zone. But I’ll make an exception, since Donna Karan deserves a nod for this:


What’s your damage, Gossip Girl?

In Fashion, Film on February 3, 2009 at 8:04 am


Okay, so I’m revealing a lot about myself with this post. First. I watch Gossip Girl, and I’m not exactly the demographic. Second, I am (was?) the demographic for Heathers, the “mean girls” genre prototype that paved the way for subsequent high school high-fashion flicks. (It is notable that Mean Girls director Mark Waters is brother of Heathers screenwriter Daniel Waters.) Heathers remains one of my all-time faves. Which is why I couldn’t help but be a little miffed by Blair’s blatant rip off last week of Heather #1’s personal style from her signature red accessories to the plaid jacket right down to the white tights from 20 years ago. How very.


Friday Follies: The Fashionable Mr. Ripley

In Fashion, Film on January 30, 2009 at 7:57 am

Friday Follies [n., pl.] postings on Fridays about fashion and food in film from guest bloggers with impeccable taste.


As a 26-year-old girl (who is happily engaged), I have to say The Talented Mr. Ripley could have been just as breathtaking if it were a silent film—simply because Jude Law‘s look completely takes over the screen. In other words: He’s flammable in this movie. Even golden goddess Gwyneth Paltrow is overshadowed by his wardrobe and beauty. Still, Paltrow doesn’t have the advantage of playing opposite a frumpy nerd like Law’s character does, which only helps his fashionable cause. 

The film earned an Academy Award nomination for best costume design in 1999 for its flawless wardrobe circa the late 1950s, all of which looked deliberate, natural, subtle, easy and yet fabulously exotic. With the use of wardrobe the audience really feels the Dickie Greenleaf vivre and luxurious life. But I assume the Oscar nod must have been rooted in the way Jude Law looked in a deep cobalt silk jacket, Persol aviators—which he wears while sipping Campari on his sailboat, Italian swim wear, and the fact that he never once wore socks. I appreciate that even though the film was referencing a period four decades prior, the costumes reflected the era without being over-the-top or too in your face. 

Bonus: One of the last scenes takes place in the Gucci store in Roma! 


Extra credit: See the cult-classic (French version) filmed in 1960, Plein Soleil, staring Alain Delon which rivals (if not beats) the American version in the wardrobe and substance department.—Lizzie Garrett, DESIGNwatcher


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The Next Step

In Fashion on January 28, 2009 at 9:00 pm











Tomorrow morning I have to be up bright and early, and it is muy importante that I put my best foot forward. Or at the very least a metallic foot forward. Which is why I will be sporting a pair of ore (the “it” metallic of the season) and black Chanel ballet flats, which tend to be kind of frumpy unless one is careful. I’m hoping they’ll take a playful turn with this little olive ruffled dress from DvF, which I plan to wear either unbelted or with the metallic belt, below, that my mother gave me for my birthday a few months ago!  


DvF Ornella dress

DvF Ornella dress



Prada leather belt

Prada leather belt



In Fashion, Film on January 11, 2009 at 9:08 pm


Every year my friend Jill and I get together for the Golden Globes and phone in info to friends/colleagues working the red carpet. This year, however, we watched from our respective residences with our respective munchkins. But an afternoon of heavy texting ensued; my end of the conversation went something like this. A mess—Debra Messing’s hair! Drew’s hair – crazy! (Relapse?) The lovely Freida Pinto from Slumdog Millionaire so pretty in a mustard gown, but what’s up with the draping? Olivia Wild from House…love the lavender Reem Acra gown but, sweetie, you’re on TV. Dial it down a little. That said, Eva Longoria looked very old Hollywood glam in a Reem Acra red number. God I love Alec Baldwin. Miley Cyrus Mom – total train wreck (“vintage BCBG” are you kidding me?). Biggest risk and biggest payoff, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s turquoise leopard Lanvin stunner. So chic! Cameron Diaz looks amazing in totally fab Chanel Haute Couture in pink. chanelpinkKate Winslet, classic and lovely in YSL. Biggest miss – Marisa Tomei. No, scratch that, Renée Zellweger. And the Golden Globe goes to…Lorraine Schwartz, whose jewels showed up on 99% of all women on the carpet, most notably Beyoncé. Gorgeous Gossip Girl Blake Lively in ill-fitting sequined Nina Ricci number. XO XO.


For a sampling of Jill’s texts, click READ MORE below. Funny, funny girl.

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California dreaming on a winter’s day

In Fashion on January 7, 2009 at 5:29 pm


In reality, it really doesn’t get all that cold in Los Angeles. (We’re currently in the “dead of winter” and it’s 67 degrees out today. Sorry, Lizzie.) Which means we get cheated out of one of life’s great pleasures—the serious winter wardrobe, Burberry Prorsum wool trench coats, Prada metallic leather gloves, Wolford merino wool tights, etc. Looking on the bright side, we can “bundle up” with pretty silk woven scarves, which won’t get you very far in Buffalo in January let me tell you, but are just fine cruising down the Miracle Mile. Above are my two favorites, both Missoni. The striped scarf in rich tones of jade, amethyst, coral and silvery blue was my mom’s, circa ’79 (she now claims I stole it, but in fact I traded her a pair of Louboutins for it; they were sky blue strappy sandals if anyone’s wondering), while the cheerier zigzag scarf in tangerine, candy pink, yellow and white was purchased in Lake Como on our honeymoon, pre-economic meltdown. Both look great with neutrals and jeans, and will bring a hit of color and a bit of warmth to a cold, drab (L.A.) winter’s day. For current Missoni stripe and zigzag scarves, check out the offerings at Net-a-Porter.

Days of “Ore”

In Fashion on December 10, 2008 at 6:48 pm


Nothing screams festive like a good metallic shoe. (Except for maybe a Christmas sweater.) Several pairs of metallic beauties are tucked away in my closet, including a favorite pair of silver tinsel Louboutin 4-inch stilettos, bronze patent-leather Prada d’orsays, a pair of silver glittery Miu Miu flats and some red metallic slingbacks by an obscure Spanish designer—none of which I can wear post-baby. Ach! This season, however, the “it” metallic hue looks to be “ore” as evidenced by my stylist friend Vincent’s Pierre Hardy ankle boots from Barneys and my sister’s Manolo Blahnik Carolynes picked up next door at Neiman’s that sauntered into a holiday party last weekend.