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Blood Orange Mimosa

In Drink on April 4, 2010 at 6:21 pm

I’d like to raise a toast with a gorgeous Blood Orange Mimosa to fabulous family, friends and neighbors. More tomorrow on this morning’s brunch (which is doing double duty for dinner tonight!), but wanted to share my new favorite riff on the mimosa, made with fresh blood orange juice and Barcino Cava (avail at Larchmont Wine & Spirits for under $15/bottle). I have a feeling we’ll be drinking this cava all summer. My friend Katie told us about it and it’s perfectly dry, citrusy and excellent either in a mimosa or all on its own. Get some, that is if Katie and I don’t clean them out first.

Bubbles Meet Bitter

In Drink on March 11, 2009 at 7:38 am

cava campari

I heart cava. I heart Campari. I heart cava + Campari. The traditional Italian mix is sparkling Prosecco with Campari, but recently we tried subbing in cava (the best of these Spanish sparkling wines are dry, citrusy and nutty) with the bitter Campari—versus Prosecco, which too often goes the direction of sweet and apple-y. Cava + Campari makes a great aperitif, and the bitter and citrus combo makes for a lovely counterpoint to fatty or rich apps like cheese or jamón or olives, and is great with salty (Marcona almonds, Pecorino or parm). Of course, if you have a bummer bottle of cava or Prosecco or even Pinot Grigio, the forward bitterness of Campari is genius at doctoring up a less-than glass of still or sparkling white wine. Plus it’s so pretty! Pour a splash in the bottom of a wine glass and then top generously with your favorite or not-so-favorite icy-cold white.

Score One for Cava

In Drink, Film on March 5, 2009 at 5:01 pm


It’s not often that three of ones true loves come together in such a magical way. I’m talking about Laker power forward Pau Gasol, Spanish sparkling Cava, and velvet capes. Last night at a black tie event at the Regent Beverly Wilshire (where Pretty Woman stayed when they wouldn’t let her shop), the Confraria del Cava Sant Sadurní invested Pau Gasol into the Cava Brotherhood. Gasol is Catalonian, and cava is produced in Catalonia. I have to say, for having had 30 points and 7 rebounds the other night in Phoenix, he’s a pretty humble guy. And he can carry a cape like nobody’s business. Added bonus, we got to enjoy a flute of Cava rosado, which is a rosé version made from Garnacha and Monastrell grapes (known as Grenache and Mouvèdre in France). I haven’t seen much of it outside of Spain. Would be great with grilled pork chops or Merguez sausages.

Speaking of Cava, tonight we are going to crack open a bottle of our favorite German Gilabert Reserva to toast another exciting event. My friend Tanya Steel on Hell’s Kitchen! Tune in tonight on FOX at 9pm, and watch Tanya take names and numbers!


Tiny Baubles

In Drink, Fashion on February 19, 2009 at 6:26 pm


These Chloé flats are one of my favorite pairs of shoes, and they are miserably snug post baby, but I’m never giving them up. I love the baubles on top. They sort of remind me of the shoe equivalent of a coupe of Champagne or cava


Cava Craving

In Drink on February 19, 2009 at 8:12 am


I’ve been home from Spain for weeks now, but have yet to get off the cava train. This bottle of German Gilabert Cava Reserva ($15) isn’t making it any easier to disembark. Although German Gilabert Cava starred in last week’s Valentine’s Wine Guide, here we are a week later and I’m still talking about it. And I’m not the only one. My friend Lenny “assassinated a couple of lobsters and washed them down” with a bottle of the German Gilabert last weekend, while my sister enjoyed a few sips of the stuff on Saturday night while nibbling on some jamón she picked up at Surfas. Last night my husband and I uncorked another bottle with Indian takeout, and I think the combo was dangerously good, emphasis on dangerous—the chicken tikka masala was unusually spicy, and so, you know, cava helped temper the heat, but then the tikka masala was so good that I had to have more…cava. Plus, I feel like a traitor. I promised Tony C that the next time we ordered Indian, I’d drink Vimto. Sorry Tony, next time—I promise for real. (Is Vimto as good as cava???) vimto

In the meantime, I hope I didn’t buy the last bottle of the German Gilabert yesterday at Larchmont Wine & Spirits. Tell me they have more….

Valentine’s Wine Guide

In Drink on February 11, 2009 at 12:46 am


Whether you’re with your soul mate, first date or flying solo—particularly if you’re flying solo?—here are The Foodinista’s top five picks for what to drink this weekend.

Flower Power

A few years ago before I met the boy, I attempted to get takeout on V-Day from my absolute favorite neighborhood sushi joint, Azami—run by two Japanese chicks, who have sadly since sold it—but they were too busy serving tables of lovey dovies to help a poor girl (take) out!  sake So I swung by Whole Foods, grabbed a tsunami combo on brown rice to go, and enjoyed it IMMENSELY with a small bottle of sparkling sake that I’d gotten at True Sake in San Francisco. Try the Hana Awaka (which means sparkling flower). Perfect serving for one! $6/250ml

It’s Now or Never

The one-night stand calls for a bottle that pretends to care, but is realistically just a Machiavellian means to an end. Cava, cava, cava. It’s a budget bubbly that’s fabulously festive, is a relatively low investment, but feels exotically devil-may-care. cava I’ve been loving the German Gilabert Reserva Cava available locally at Larchmont Wine & Spirits. Oh, and it’s REALLY good! So if you actually want a second date, the German Gilabert will have them coming back for more. $15/750ml.

She’s So Cold

Is there anything more seductive than ice-cold Chablis with fresh sweetwater oysters from Hog Island? While it’s still a bit of a splurge, the 2006 Domaine William Fevre “Montmains” Premier Cru Chablis is spicy, with mineral notes, white peach and citrus—pure romance. chablis I’ve seen it around for anywhere from $30-$45 bottle. Wally’s on the Westside has it for $89.99/bottle, for which I believe the technical term is rape.

Hop on Over

The fastest way to The Foodinista’s heart is most surely with a lusty bottle of Vietti Barbera d’Alba  “Scaronne” from the Piedmont region in Italy.vietti Perfumey aromas, mineral and earthy notes with a superb grasshopper label, this wine is made from the Barbera grape, and is quite possibly my favorite go-to red and at half the price of some of its Barolo big brothers. $45/750ml

I Do!

In this economy, I feel like shelling out $350 on a bottle of anything would need to be an earth-shatteringly important event. Nevertheless, one could easily drop this on any number of bottles of Champagne from the ’96 or ’97 vintages on shelves now. But if The Foodinista had $350+ to spend, and she doesn’t, it would be on a 1973 Dom Pérignon (which I’ve longingly admired on auction lists starting at $350/bottle, and skyrocketing from there). dom I’ve been lucky enough to try this gorgeous wine on several occasions, and each time I just melt. Much like I did when I met my husband, who is also from the ’73 vintage.

Cheers to a wonderful weekend, and drop me a line and let me know what you drank!!!