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Earmuff It

In Fashion on January 19, 2009 at 10:43 am


Those of you with equally juvenile taste in films will undoubtedly recognize the above reference to Old School. The rest of you are probably wondering where you can get a pair of fox fur earmuffs like those modeled by my friend Andrew. I got them a couple years ago at Bloomingdale’s in New York because it was 20-some degrees out, and, being from LA, I had nothing whatsoever with which to cope with that kind of weather situation. They are totally great—and warm, and I am still flummoxed as to why earmuffs in general are not more of a “thing” in New York. For my PETA peeps, there are also some cozy-looking Burberry options.

burberry earmuffs

Inaugural Fashion: Real World Edition

In Fashion on January 17, 2009 at 9:45 am



There’s been a fair amount of discussion about what to wear to the various inaugural balls, and a fantastic story on the subject written by my friend Adam, which will appear in tomorrow’s Image section of the LA Times (click here for sneak preview). But what about fashion for the masses who will be freezing their tails off on the mall? My friend Emily is DC-bound with her family, and here’s her plan:

I think I’ll take a puffy vest and a big warm coat to go over it. Long johns. Ski socks. I might buy some Sorels—I’ve wanted them forever and I think they’re kind of chic.

I’m totally with Emily on the Sorel front. I have a pair of classic Caribous in buff that are going on 18 years old, so it’s probably time to update. I’m loving the Joan of Arctic model with faux fur trim in “hawk” (see above photo). Here are some favorite picks to complete the inaugural look.

Burberry short double-breasted trench in cashmere/wool

Burberry short double-breasted trench in cashmere/wool


Patagonia down vest in sable.

Patagonia down vest in sable.


Missoni cashmere color-block gloves.

Missoni cashmere color-block gloves.

California dreaming on a winter’s day

In Fashion on January 7, 2009 at 5:29 pm


In reality, it really doesn’t get all that cold in Los Angeles. (We’re currently in the “dead of winter” and it’s 67 degrees out today. Sorry, Lizzie.) Which means we get cheated out of one of life’s great pleasures—the serious winter wardrobe, Burberry Prorsum wool trench coats, Prada metallic leather gloves, Wolford merino wool tights, etc. Looking on the bright side, we can “bundle up” with pretty silk woven scarves, which won’t get you very far in Buffalo in January let me tell you, but are just fine cruising down the Miracle Mile. Above are my two favorites, both Missoni. The striped scarf in rich tones of jade, amethyst, coral and silvery blue was my mom’s, circa ’79 (she now claims I stole it, but in fact I traded her a pair of Louboutins for it; they were sky blue strappy sandals if anyone’s wondering), while the cheerier zigzag scarf in tangerine, candy pink, yellow and white was purchased in Lake Como on our honeymoon, pre-economic meltdown. Both look great with neutrals and jeans, and will bring a hit of color and a bit of warmth to a cold, drab (L.A.) winter’s day. For current Missoni stripe and zigzag scarves, check out the offerings at Net-a-Porter.