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In Baby Love, Design on February 5, 2013 at 2:38 pm


Yesterday I hit something of a wall when I walked into my son’s room and tripped over a one-armed Batman action figure, just one of countless toys he’d removed from his toy basket and strewn around his room. The mess is crazy making, but also a potential hazard as his 10-month-old baby brother is now crawling like a speed demon and sticking any- and everything into his mouth. Because I’m what is referred to in polite company as “Type-A,” what followed was an intense organization spree, concluding in an extensive online search for a covered toy storage solution. I love the look of this Oeuf Toy Store (below), but the open bins make it an impractical option for us with a baby on board.


It turns out that most toy boxes are really, really ugly. Or more than I want to spend, such as this gorgeous Fuji Toy Box ($420) from Argington:


Or this sweet locally made Maude Box from Mod Mom ($450):


Somewhere deep in cyberspace I discovered a fabulous French option from Tolix, called the Tortue (tortoise) toy box.

tolix tortue

You may recognize Tolix’s iconic chairs, which are everywhere:

tolixchairOf course the toy box is not sold in the U.S.—that would be too easy—unless you are willing to wait for a container shipment six months from now, in which case you can order from Antiquaire, based in Lake Forest, IL. Instead, I hunted one down in hazard orange from a company in the Netherlands and with any luck it will be winging its way to us next month.

  1. Thank you for your storage tips. I love organizing with MOMMBY Storage Bags – http://mommby.com/Store/Bag.php.

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