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Baby’s First Food

In Baby Love, Food on October 13, 2012 at 5:27 pm

If you want to know the answer to the question: Are two kids more work than one? The answer is uh, yeah. Which is why I haven’t been posting as frequently the last several months. I can’t believe that our baby boy is almost seven months (or that our first baby is four years!). Something magical happened around the six month mark—he started sleeping until 6 am (which feels spa-like compared to his previous 5am wakeup calls), two little front teeth started to appear and best of all, I got to make baby’s first food.

I know, I know, this is just one more countertop device, but the Béaba Babycook makes it all so quick and easy. Just add water, put your veggies in a basket and it steams the appropriate length of time. I threw in a peeled new potato, a couple of green beans and a few cherry tomatoes and let it do its thing.

Then empty the basket into the bowl of the Babycook, flip the switch to blend and voila! This tomato-potato-green bean combo was surprisingly popular with my little guy, and best of all I know exactly what’s in there. Plus it makes me feel pretty on top of the world anytime somebody, no matter how tiny, likes my cooking.

  1. I’m not a mom but this is super cool. i was thinking how come you don’t just steam in normally but then you said it whipped it up too, then i was like WOW lol. I totally think i’m going to get this for folks i know having babies now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are absolutely right—you can steam these stovetop and then throw into the blender and they would taste just the same. Provided you don’t forget about a steaming pot stovetop (as I’ve been known to do while trying to herd a toddler and an infant), and you don’t mind the extra dishes (which, actually, I don’t). So while I probably don’t *need* the Béaba Babycook, it’s the magic bullet for distracted mamas like myself!

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