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French Women Don’t Wear [Maternity] Clothes

In Fashion on May 6, 2012 at 1:30 pm

I apologize for my dearth of postings of late. You see, I just had my second baby seven weeks ago and am trying to get back into the swing of things—and into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Of course if one looked like Julia Restoin-Roitfeld (above) or Charlotte Gainsbourg (below) while pregnant, what would be the rush?

  1. Well….I’ve had two babies in France. The other side of this is that every single time you go to the doctor, they tell you that you’ve gained too much weight. I’m almost six feet tall, so taller than most French women (and men, for that matter) so I was told I weighed too much right from the start, and I weighed 145 (target for my height) pre-pregnancy and gained 28 pounds and I was lectured the whole time (no one ever looked at me, just the numbers). The last week I was told not to eat any sugar because I probably had gestational diabetes (because, clearly, looking at your weight on a chart is the accurate test…never mind the appropriate treatment).

    It is just as bad after the baby is born. My daughter wouldn’t take solids until 9 months…she spit everything out. At her six month appointment, the day after introducing solids, I was both lectured that she wasn’t eating 3 distinct meals a day with a variety of fruits and vegetables (she’d had a couple spoons of applesauce the first day) and then 5 minutes later, when they weighed her (and she was tall, so not full of rolls and chubby like babies can be), just looking at that number alone, they told me I need to exercise her more, or she will be obese. SERIOUSLY. My son borders on underweight and no one ever batted an eye. Seems like more of a concern with an infant but even that boundary doesn’t seem to exist here.

    I say no worries on getting back into your regular clothes slowly (and truthfully, even if you get the numbers down, the shapes are all screwed up…and what shifted after the first can shift again after the second, so new regular clothes might be the real target). I hate the thought of sheltering my little girl from these messages which will apparently start at a very young age.

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