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Mozza Meatballs

In Food on March 31, 2012 at 12:17 pm

There are plenty of things I covet in this world—Charlotte Gainsbourg’s effortless ability to wear Balenciaga, a Chelsea townhouse in London, the ability to endure a musical—but when it comes to my friends, I envy no one else. Two weeks ago we brought our second son home from the hospital, and I’ve never been happier. Looking at my two beautiful boys, I just don’t know that it gets any better than this. But as much as I love the mornings with both my boys snuggled up in bed, when dinner time rolls around I’m at a total loss. Fortunately, I have the most generous friends in the world! You should see the basket full of delicious goodies from Joans on Third, pastries from Huckleberry, pizza and budino from Pizzeria Mozza delivered by Lizzie and Matt, the Moroccan braised chicken from my friend Vanessa or the Italian Wedding Soup that Carrie dropped off (a soup so delicious that I fear my husband might leave me for Carrie and her soup). My friend Hugh knowingly brought by a bottle of gin and several limes. And then there were the meatballs.

Last Friday, the enchanting Carolynn Carreño dropped off three containers of large meatballs swimming in sauce, along with some semolina toasts and garlic butter. If these meatballs look suspiciously and deliciously similar to those served at Mozza, there’s a reason. Carolynn cowrote The Mozza Cookbook with Nancy Silverton and worked tirelessly testing and retesting recipes so that they would translate to the home cook. (If you don’t already have the book, you need it if only for the meatball recipe alone.) Made with pork, veal and ground pancetta, these meatballs are pure love.

Next to family, there is nothing better in this world than a good friend. Especially if that friend makes meatballs.



  1. This Foodinista post brought tears to my eyes. So happy for your happiness and the love that surrounds you… not to mention the food!!!

  2. Heather, I love your outlook on life and your priorities! I hope you are having a fabulous Sunday.

  3. Those meatballs look and sound delicious. I hope you have a Happy Easter.

  4. I am forever indebted to you for inspiring me to choose this meatball recipe above all other meatball recipes to make for dinner. Swoon!!

  5. Your blog is addictive & I can’t stand musicals either- painful.

  6. I made these and Dan declared them the best meatballs EVER : )

  7. That’s a great recipe for meatballs, and Mozza is amazing. I recently went to their new location in Newport Beach on PCH and the place was packed… just like the original one in LA. I guess I need to get that Nancy Silverton cookbook and try to re-create some of those tasty meals at home. Your blog is fantastic; the food posts make me want to eat. Cheers.

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