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Chasen’s Chili with Leftover Prime Rib

In Food, Media, Recipes on February 3, 2012 at 9:38 am

I’m married to a third-generation New Yorker so it’s no surprise that it’s #ALLIN for the Giants over here. This year my husband will be making a huge pot of Chasen’s Chili (above) with his signature addition—leftover prime rib.

He stumbled across this winning combo after Christmas dinner this past year and we’re dying to try again. He makes the Chasen’s recipe as is, and then toward the end throws in chunks of prime rib, which add a totally indulgent note to this already fantastic chili. So tonight—instead of roasting a standing rib roast for the two of us—we’ll have grilled bone-in ribeye steaks, with enough leftovers for Sunday’s big game. For more Super Bowl ideas, here’s a post of my game-time favorites from last year, with pics below: SUPER BOWL FOOD.

  1. We’re hosting a retro Academy Awards party in Palm Springs on Oscar Sunday and I’ve been trying to figure out what to serve. Now I know. Classic Chasen’s chili! What could be better?

  2. […] some ideas about what to do with them. Never fear. Below you’ll find the top recipes for leftover prime rib that I’ve found. These range from French dips to Mexican food. They’re all yummy to […]

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