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Someday Farm Stand

In Food, Out of Town on July 9, 2011 at 1:09 pm

Don’t you wish this was your local farm stand? The Someday Farm Stand sets up shop in East Dorset, Vermont, every Wednesday and Saturday during summer. The Proft family farms 100 acres of organic produce, which they sell at their farm stand as well as local markets. Sometimes there are wee chicks on hand, like this day-old little fella that Tiny G got to pet:

There were also baskets of herbs and lettuces, berries and carrots, fresh eggs and roasting chickens on hand. For one drizzly Sunday lunch, we roasted a small chicken and some of these carrots with a little salt and olive oil. They were the sweetest carrots I can remember.


  1. GASP! The Scout. Love it. And yes, I’d love to have this farm stand in my neighborhood!

  2. My daughter is a professor at Williams College in MA but close to the Vermont border and her farm stand that comes to town looks like this. What beautiful country. And no wonder Vermont is called the postcard state–or at least that’s what my son-in-law calls it.

    Looking forward here to our next phone appt. And, yes, yes, you are forgiven for forgetting the last one: Look at where you were. Anyone would have been distracted. And I love you for that, for stopping to catch the moment instead of being driven by a schedule.

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