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The Doors

In Design on June 6, 2011 at 5:48 pm

We live in what by Los Angeles standards constitutes an historic neighborhood. Tell this to a European and they will look at you like you are bonkers, and they’re right. Our house—the first on the block—was built in 1921. Ditto on the garage, which had seen better days when we bought the house almost four years ago. The original doors had been replaced with a horrible warped aluminum door that was splattered with concrete.

I looked through books, and walked up and down the neighborhood for door inspiration and sketched these carriage doors, which our contractor built and we painted Azores from Benjamin Moore last summer. I had a very specific blue in mind, one that was more green than the pale blue they use on shutters and doors in the South of France. Then, when I was in Rioja a couple weeks ago, I saw this dreamy door, which isn’t so far off on the color we ended up with. How badly do you want this to be your kitchen door?

  1. Love!

  2. you are sooooooooooo chic + fab!
    such an interesting aesthetic…
    thank you for always sharing!

  3. Where did you get your garage door hinges?

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