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Swimming with Sharks

In Baby Love, Food on May 6, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Like most little boys, my own little boy is obsessed with sharks. Sharks and dinosaurs. Most mornings this is what breakfast looks like:

He comes by the obsession honestly. His grandfather was college roommates with Peter Benchley, who wrote Jaws, and one of the book’s characters is named after Tiny G’s grandfather!

But what really sealed the deal was a recent visit with my in-laws in Gulf Stream, Fla., during which Tiny G went to see the daily shark feeding at the nearby Sandoway House. He went bonkers every time one of the nurse sharks came up to the edge in search of a snack.

A couple weeks ago at Sur la Table, I saw a shark cookie cutter for $1. Cookie cutters are great for adding a little intrigue to a kid’s sandwich. I made three different shark sammies. Two of his favorites: one peanut butter, one hummus. And then a third decoy, what we called “shark attack.” This one was cream cheese and red pepper tapenade, which on ordinary bread would have been rejected. But, when billed as a shark attack

…. Tiny G gobbled it up faster than you can yell SHARK!