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Arabesquing on a Rhino

In Design, Fashion on May 3, 2011 at 1:24 pm

In 1965, Vogue magazine ran the above photograph of Edie Sedgwick, along with the caption: Edie Sedgwick arabesquing on her leather rhino to a record of The Kinks. In the background her sketch of a stallion. I’m not sure when I first saw this photo, but I’ve always loved it and wanted a rhino of my very own. The British company Omersa has been handcrafting these leather animals since the 1920s—Edie’s 6-foot-long rhino in the above photo was first produced by Omersa in the early 60s. My husband had an Omersa tortoise footstool growing up, and he must have been feeling particularly nostalgic because I’m told that several weeks ago somebody special ordered a rhino footstool to arrive in Los Angeles in time for Mother’s Day. Arabesquing might ensue…

  1. My Grandparents had the Pig. All the Grandchildren have been fighting for it since birth. Still don’t know who the lucky recipient will be. The Rhino is great., jealous.

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