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Show a Little Love

In Drink on March 2, 2011 at 5:53 pm

By no means do I have the perfect marriage (mostly because I am one half of that equation). But I am married to the perfect partner, one who reminds me that it’s the little things that matter most. A couple Sundays ago before I had woken up—and after a particularly stressful week—my husband brewed a pot of Intelligentsia Tanzania Edewlweiss coffee and brought me a copy of the New York Times in bed. He then offered to take our two-year-old son to the Santa Monica Airport observation deck for a couple hours to watch the planes take off and land so I could have a quiet morning to myself. If I think about it, it has probably been, well, over two and a half years since I’ve enjoyed a Sunday morning that way. It was a wildly grand gesture—one that cost nothing and one that reminded me how lucky I am.

  1. What a great post!

  2. Love. And can someone take me to the airport observation deck? Fun!

  3. such a thoughtful grand gesture. thanks for sharing!

  4. Whoa how can I get my Baby Daddy to do this? Note to self, slip mind control brain worm in his ear when he’s sleeping….

  5. best post ever. jf is the man. xo

  6. my husband does this for me all the time. he is a saint! quiet time on sunday morning is the best. p.s. what do edewlweiss have to do with tanzania?

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