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Pasta with Poached Egg and Cracked Pepper

In Food on February 19, 2011 at 10:18 am

We often find ourselves trying new recipes and promising to put them in regular rotation and then we promptly forget and move onto the next thing. Not this time. The other night I wanted to cook from the contents of our fridge and use up a few pieces of bacon, some wilting tarragon, an orphaned wedge of parm and an opened box of Barilla Plus spaghetti. What resulted was this Peppery Pasta Carbonara with Poached Egg—a sort of deconstructed carbonara with a poached egg on top in which good old bacon stands in for guanciale. I cut back on the butter by about half and trimmed the bacon of serious fat before cooking, so our version was slightly more virtuous, but only slightly…

  1. Ah, now this is a lovely variation on a terrific Gourmet Mag. recipe: how I miss that magazine each month and how glad I am, Heather, that you bring me back to it with your take on the dish.

  2. This looks seriously delicious. Is it whole wheat or farro pasta or something? I just learned how to make real carbonara from the source–a restaurant in Rome, Al Moro. Will post this week, now that I am not longer buried in 360 pages of Mozza. And: No butter in carbonara, no way!

  3. Carolynn, Can’t wait for your carbonara recipe and will def link to it! You could absolutely use farro pasta in the above—would be great. I used Barilla Plus—it’s a whole grain pasta from Barilla that’s higher in protein & omega 3 than the standard and slightly nuttier/toothier. All of the Barilla Plus products come in a yellow box. It’s our standard weeknight pasta that feels a little healthier. You can find it at Ralph’s or many of the big box supermarkets.

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