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Contraband Ham

In Food on February 8, 2011 at 8:44 am

Friday was a very good day. And the universe rewarded me with a taste of Jinhua dry-aged ham, of slab of which snuck its way back from Hangzhou, China, in the luggage of local food blogger, SinoSoul. I’d read about this precious stuff on SinoSoul’s blog, and was licking my chops at photos of hind legs of indigenous Chinese “Two Ends Black” pigs hanging in Wanlong Ham House. As a jamón junkie, I was dying to try. And so, when Tony offered to share the last of the stuff, which is dry aged for over two years, I pounced. More on the rest of our dinner later, but how did the ham taste? RIDICULOUS. Probably closer to Italian prosciutto than its Iberian cousin and at a fraction of the price, the Jinhua is super salty with a gamey, slightly sweet flavor. In a word: LOVE. Thank you, Tony!

  1. worth a trip to China? I love jamon.

  2. Good golly that looks delicious!

  3. I got my own “tag” on thefoodinista. Hello world.

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