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Whole Foods Pizza Dough

In Food, Recipes on January 13, 2011 at 6:41 am

Once a week or so, and usually on Thursdays, I grab some fresh pizza dough from Whole Foods and clean out my fridge. Seriously, is there any better way to use leftovers? I first blogged about Whole Foods pizza dough a couple years ago, and to date it remains the most searched and viewed post in Foodinista history! Since then, we’ve tried all sorts of combos and rarely do we repeat, which is half the fun. The thing about pizza is that it’s never bad—just varying shades of great. But sometimes you stumble upon a combination that really knocks it out of the park. Like this one.

First, I always crank up the heat to 500F degrees and cook the pizza dough without toppings for 4 minutes. I had some leftover roasted garlic and red pepper relish, which I spread on the semi-cooked dough. Then I loaded it up with the previous evening’s long-cooked broccoli, big thick shavings of parm, and fresh ricotta. I did cheat in that I picked up a lamb sausage from the butcher earlier that day, which I fried separately and then threw on top along with some cured black olives. And finished with a ton of cracked black pepper.

Back into the oven it goes for about 10 minutes, or until crust is crispy and golden. I loved the salty, smoky, sweet and nutty of this pizza. Would love to hear your favorite combos!

  1. alas, even though my kids are fairly adventurous eaters, when it comes to pizza it should be very plain: maybe some toppings if they are very tempting, like grape tomatoes or bacon. Luckily, the pizza dough recipe I use makes enough dough for two pizzas, so we can make one kid pizza and one grown up one. We do the same as you, use it as a way to clean out the fridge. I’ve never thought to bake the pizza without toppings first; does it protect it from getting soggy?

  2. I’ve always said – pizza is like sex. Even when it’s bad it’s still good.
    Oh, and Foodinista – I have a request – please let us know what fabulous tracks you will be listening to on your loooong flight. I need inspiration for some downloads for my upcoming African journey.

  3. I don’t know why I never thought of getting pizza dough at Whole Foods…where do you get it? From the little “pizza shop” or is it in the bakery? Anyway, I love making homemade pizzas! My daughter is allergic to dairy, so her pizzas usually have pesto, pepperoni or sausage, sauteed chopped spinach, and whatever else I happen to have on hand. My personal favorite concoction so far was pulled pork, red onion, cilantro and gouda.

  4. Three Hoots Winery makes an amazing Organic Olive Oil. I love finishing my pizzas with it. http://www.threehoots.com

    Chef Grant

  5. We’re trying the whole foods dough tonight – want to compare it with Trader Joes dough we usually buy (whole wheat for the kiddy) – with tomato/pancetta/red onion other half with pesto. Safe travels!

  6. love the dough! we enjoy hot wing chicken pizza. Use the hot suace as base, chicken roasted or ??, shreaded carrots, celery, onions, cheese, sprinkle fresh blue cheese once it comes out of the oven. Yummy!!

  7. Can’t wait to try that in my toaster oven (there will be a new kitchen some day). Caramelized onions, mushrooms and roasted red peppers, yum!

  8. […] When I don’t feel like making a crust I use Vicolo Organic Corn Crust. I’ve never tried it, but Whole Foods’ frozen crust gets high ratings […]

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