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Rabbit Is Rich

In Food on December 20, 2010 at 12:42 pm

Why is it that I rarely remember to put on lipstick for business meetings, but I gloss up for the butcher? Maybe that’s because the butcher is Harvey Gussman, who supplies dry-aged beef to some of LA’s best restaurants. This past week, I called Harvey to place an order for two rabbits, hacked up into eight pieces each, as we were having a bunch of my husband’s friends to dinner. The following morning, I rang the bell in the alley to collect my wabbits.

Harvey had them boxed up and ready to go. This girl has always loved good packaging.

Back at home, I broke out a recipe for Melissa Clark’s Mustardy Braised Rabbit With Carrots, which ran in the New York Times a couple years ago and has been recommended to me by several friends, including she of exquisite taste, author Mary L. Tabor. It starts with a simple herb sachet of rosemary, thyme and cloves.

Really, what takes the most effort is browning the meat to add that extra layer of flavor, and because I was doing two bunnies, this represented the lion’s share of the work.

From there you sauté your leeks, sage and carrots in the same pot in which you browned the rabbit.

Then you simmer in white wine and chicken broth, and put into the oven to braise for about two hours, or until the meat is falling-off-the-bone tender. Though rabbit is a very lean meat, braising gives a perceived decadence to this dish, which is actually very healthy even if it doesn’t taste it.

I spooned the mustardy sauce over the rabbit and served with buttered egg noodles. As well as injudicious amounts of lush Goldeneye Pinot Noir.

  1. Ah dear Foodinista,

    I do indeed love this Melissa Clark recipe. I made it in Paris where rabbit is easy to purchase at the open market in Marais and where I repaired in more ways than one. In Paris the repairs startle, as this recipe by Melissa Clark does in its ease of preparation and its delight. For your readers might I offer here a link to my memoir (Re)Making Love; A sex after sixty story http://sexaftersixtybook.com (hoping this is okay, dear Heather) and again offer my thanks to you for the interview we did some time ago. I am a loyal reader and can’t help but Tweet about this fabulous blog whenever you post.

  2. Read Mary’s book!!!! And Mary, which Marais marche did you frequent? I lived in the 11th halfway btwn La Nation & Bastille and was at Marche d’Aligre off FdSA daily.

  3. It was December when I was there and the rabbit could be found–discovered!–at the Bastille Market in the 11th–a lovely walk and a grand experience: everything imaginable was in this Sunday market! even the needle and thread I used to repair the frazzled hem of my coat.

    You are lovely!

    So hoping we meet some day soon.

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