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A Fine Romance

In Drink, Food, Media on November 2, 2010 at 10:29 pm

Earlier this evening I had the huge honor of speaking at Patric Kuh’s food-writing class at UCLA Extension. Patric wins James Beard writing awards like I change my nail polish. (If anyone’s asking, I’m ditching sold-out-for-fall Chanel Khaki Vert and returning to an oldie but goodie, OPI’s My Private Jet.) So much fun to talk to such a great group—and I hope those of you who migrate over here will let me know as you set up your blogs!

In the meantime, I realize I haven’t talked yet about Los Angeles Magazine‘s AMAZING November issue: “The Ultimate Guide to Mexican Food in LA.” It ROCKS—and it’s on newsstands, so grab a copy while you can. In it, Kuh, the magazine’s restaurant critic, shares his picks for Top 10 Mexican Restaurants. The list includes a few longtime favorites and a bunch I can’t wait to check out. Here’s what his list doesn’t include (and nor should it), but is worth mentioning on this election night: Lucy’s El Adobe on Melrose across from Paramount Studios, a time-honored Mexican café more famous for its clientele than carnitas.

Today Lucy’s is known for subpar chicken mole and cloying Margaritas, but back in the day it was the stage for then-Governor Jerry Brown’s romance with Linda Ronstadt. Lucy’s also acted as his virtual Los Angeles office. And it still features Jerry Brown’s photo prominently (as well as the Pope’s and Don Henley’s). But Lucy’s also has personal meaning: it was featured in heavy rotation during the early dating days with yours truly and Mr. Foodinista for its outdoor patio (one of us was a smoker at the time) and proximity to our respective apartments on Sycamore.

A month after we were married, we ended up buying our first home a mile south or so on the same road we used to take to get to Lucy’s. We can see the Paramount water tower —from our street! And, coming full circle, tonight Wolf Blitzer on CNN is projecting that Jerry Brown is once again California’s Governor. I wish Mr Foodinista and I were sitting at Lucy’s right now to take it all in, pushing around stale chips on a plate, sipping saccharine-sweet margs and toasting to loves old, new and new again.

  1. Thanks for meeting with our class, Foodinista! Your advice was very helpful and inspiring.

  2. Thanks for the tidbit of California history, which makes Lucy’s so great. The mediocre food only adds to its legend.

  3. Heather,

    I was in that class and was awestruck by your ability to whip out a post or feature article in short period of time. I’m now blogging myself about “How Not to Kill Your Spouse While Remodeling” at http://remodelingpurgatory.wordpress.com/ but I can’t help writing about food. Patric enjoyed my last post about Chèvre Salad http://remodelingpurgatory.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/chevre-salad/
    Hope you enjoy it as well!

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