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Closet Case

In Fashion on October 12, 2010 at 11:10 am

I am a total WRECK this morning. My day began with my two-year-old saying, “Mouse in Mommy’s closet.”

“Show me,” I said, the color draining from my face.

And he lead me to my closet and picked up a silver Havainas flip flop and pointed underneath. Thankfully, I saw no signs of the mouse in Mommy’s closet. But then again it’s hard to see anything in there since I stubbornly insisted on replacing the light fixture with this lovely little beaded chandelier I found at Paris Market & Brocante in Savannah, GA, on a girls weekend with my cousin Stefanie several years ago.

My poor closet is a study in inefficiency, thanks to its 80+ year old design and “mood” lighting. And now this mouse business means I’ll have to take everything out. Perhaps my phantom mouse is a sign from god, and by god, I mean California Closets. Wouldn’t it be dreamy to return my shoes and skirts to custom-designed racks and shelves?

  1. First of all, I love that store in Savannah. Second, I saw you on Beverly Drive this am pushing Jorge in his stroller wearing a fab black-n-white shift. You looked chic and matched the better homes in the neighborhood. Third and finally, there is nothing–no drug, lover, or confection–that is as satisfying as having your closets done. Money is never better spent. Well maybe on cancer and abused children but failing that, closets are the winner.

  2. Eek! We had a mouse in our old apartment and I didn’t rest peacefully until our cat finally (and pretty disgustingly) “took care” of the rodent. Ah, closets. When we moved into our house, my mother-in-law offered to organize our closet. She’s much more organized than I can ever hope to be and she did an AMAZING job. Having a tidy closet is the new joy of my life!

  3. eek, I hate meeses to pieces..

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