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Arts for NexGen LACMA

In Baby Love, Design on September 14, 2010 at 12:22 pm

A few years ago, an acquaintance said to a then-pregnant me, “I couldn’t in good conscience raise my kids in Los Angeles.” Well, here’s the thing. Given the choice, I couldn’t in good conscience NOT raise my kid in Los Angeles. There are few cities I know that offer as much culture, diversity and kid-friendly activities as L.A. From all the great parks throughout the city, to the bike paths, beaches and tidepools, there is plenty to do outdoors—year round. And when it comes to food? Check out Jessica Ritz’s wildly popular Taster Tots LA blog as she navigates the LA restaurant scene with two toddlers. “I’m interested in eating where children are welcome and where us adults actually WANT to go,” she writes. “If there’s a kid’s menu, great. If not, we’ll work with what they got.” Turns out Vietnamese crepes are a huge hit with the kiddies. As is the pizza at Patsy’s. And the food trucks throughout the city.

From Catherine Opi's Figure and Landscape Exhibit © LACMA

Also, as Angelenos we are particularly lucky to have perhaps one of the best community programs for kids in the country: LACMA’s Arts for the NexGen project. It’s the only free youth membership program of its kind in the U.S. and it ROCKS. There are art classes and camps for kids of all ages, and the Boone Childrens Gallery is where kids and families can learn about brush painting and Korean art. It’s pretty great. Tiny G just got his NexGen pass today! And he can’t wait to go check out the Sports and Art program this Sunday and perhaps try his tiny hand at creating his own sports-inspired art in the artist-led workshops.

So, yeah. I love LA.

  1. i second that! this city has soo much to offer for those open to explore it!

  2. My girls all have the nexgen passes too. It’s a little far of a drive, now, though : (

  3. Some people are cheating their kids by thinking they are protecting them by living in bland suburbs. LA’s diversity in culture, food, arts, and recreation is the future of the nation. I want my little daughter to have the experience and tools of living in an engaging and multifaceted culture to thrive when she is an adult. -native angeleno

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