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Football Sandwiches

In Food on September 12, 2010 at 1:27 pm

My new favorite discovery is Dixie Caviar—a delicious blog devoted to Southern cooking. Its author, Nealey Catherine Dozier, is one of those effortlessly chic Southerners who can whip up a batch of THE WORLD’S BEST FOOTBALL SANDWICHES the morning after a night of Jäger bombs out on the town in Atlanta. Only Southern women can pull this sort of thing off. The rest of us watch in awe.

Back at Chez Foodinista, yours truly—who was born below the Mason-Dixon—tried out Nealey’s football sandwiches for Mr. Foodinista, whose beloved New York Giants played their first (winning!) game today. Mr. Foodinista, it should be noted, was born WAY above the Mason-Dixon. Like in Switzerland. But that didn’t stop him from devouring several of these sammies and going back for more. They’re a sort of ham and swiss slider drizzled with dijon poppy seed sauce that bake in the oven until the Swiss gets all melty. Nealey’s recipe will feed a crowd, but this time I made just 8 sliders. Here they are going into the oven:

Thank you, Dixie Caviar, for this divine football fare. Can’t wait to check back for more!

For recipe, click HERE.

  1. YUM!!! Must try this instead of the crazy spread I did today!

  2. love these-you’ve brought back fond memories. my mom used to make these and keep them in the freezer…we’d just warm one up when we got home from school.

  3. Wowzers. I hope those magically appear in my oven…I’m going to go check…

  4. I’m making these on Sunday, just showed my Dad and he can’t wait!

  5. thanks so much for sharing this blog, and the recipe! i can’t wait to try them out next sunday 🙂

  6. OMG they’re like, oozing!! This is so Southern. You go, girl!

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