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A Trip Down Bowery Lane

In Design, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on September 9, 2010 at 4:50 pm

First, thank you to all who have commented here and on The Foodinista page on Facebook with advice on purchasing my next ride. I’m so jazzed about the hunt! A couple days ago I heard through the grapevine that a floor model of Bowery Lane Bicycle’s Breukelen was here in Los Angeles at a price you wouldn’t believe. So yesterday afternoon I hightailed it downtown to an address that sounded eerily familiar. And when I walked in the door of the lobby I knew why.

Seven years ago I got trapped in an elevator in the Cooper Building with my friend and Los Angeles Times fashion critic, Booth Moore. I am terrified of enclosed spaces and dear Booth—who has nerves of steel in any imaginable situation, unless it involves undercooked beef—had to read to me for 45 minutes from a Christian Dior biography she happened to have in her purse to keep me from hyperventilating. True story.

Everyone should have a friend like Booth. But back to Bowery Lane Bicycles. I like the bike. Check out its lines. Maybe I’m not wild about white, but for those of you who are—GET ON IT. It’s a great deal and a great-looking ride.

So I’m keeping it in mind—in black—after I’ve had a chance to test ride a few of my other faves and some of the great suggestions I’ve gotten from you. Keep them coming! This weekend I plan to head over to Flying Pigeon in Cypress Park to see the Pashley and Velorbis offerings in the flesh.

  1. Ooh where is this floor model at? I’d loooove to have a look at it! PS Also check out the Amsterdam bikes by Electra, soo cute!

  2. Huzzah! And thanks! Just sent off an email with fingers crossed. 🙂

  3. You can’t beat the Kona AfrikaBike for value and for navigating solidly around urban environments and L.A.’s bumpy streets/potholes. Comes with kickstand, handlebar mount/removable basket, fenders, chain Cover, bell and nice heavy nubby tires. It’s awesome. Think urban beach cruiser–but with a conscience! For every two bikes they sell, they give one to someone in need. I love mine and you’re welcome to come by and give it test ride!

  4. […] Foodiot on wheels: Preferably motorized, but human powered is a-ok as well. […]

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