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Wheels of Change

In Design on September 6, 2010 at 11:13 pm

New obsession brewing. This one involves wheels rather than heels. After much deliberation, I’ve decided to give my 20-year-old classic Schwinn Cruiser (boy’s/blue) with its cantilever frame to my sister since she lives at the beach. Our father has beautifully refurbished it for her—gorgeous new seat, grips, basket—and is bringing “Moondoggie” (so named for Gidget’s boyfriend) down to Claire in a couple weeks.

And so the hunt for my next ride begins. Here’s what I know I want. A lightweight ladies hybrid or city bicycle with a rear carrier on which I can attach a child seat to pedal not-so-Tiny G around town. I also want need a Brooks honey leather seat real, real bad.

And a bell. And a wicker basket.

Which narrows down the contenders to—in order of descending price—Velorbis, Pashley, and Bowery Lane (provided I can trade out the latter’s reclaimed wood basket for wicker).

Velorbis Studine Balloon Classic, $1295

Pashley Poppy, $995

Bowery Lane Breukelen 3-Speed, $695

  1. I’ve been dreaming of bikes all summer. And the bright orange freewheel my husband recently scooped up isn’t helping. I’m torn between the customizable dutch bikes by Republic and the adorable (and I’m guessing more reliable) Dutchi 1-speed by Linus.

  2. bike porn.

    i’ve been riding my bike everywhere lately since my son commandeered my car for carpool… now that i see these bikes i wouldn’t mind so much!!!

  3. anne – let’s tear up the neighborhood together on our bikes!

  4. Breezer, Public, Batavus… seems like lots of choices are out there for upright city bikes. See them here http://bikesfortherestofus.blogspot.com/search/label/IGH

  5. OMSquee! There are SO many cute bikes at London Cycle Chic and Bikes for the Rest of Us!! 🙂

  6. From a technical standpoint, none of these classically-styled standard bikes are anywhere near ‘light’. At 30+ lbs, the Studine is obese. I understand Waterford & Gunnmar do not fabricate a bicycle “style” appropriate for this blog, but these guys are artistic engineers creating highly personalized (ie, tailored to your body, much like a good suit – surely you can appreciate that) 2 wheelers. They’ve been around for eons, creating highly respected steel bikes universally loved by people who ride thousands of miles a year. Yes, you can request a number of Brooks saddles, and if they can find you a wicker basket, I’m sure they’ll attach it for you.

  7. I’m pretty into Linus and their price point is as low as I’ve seen for such a fine looking bicycle. You might like the Dutchi!



  8. Tony – those are gorgeous frames. I wish I were man enough to ride one of those bad boys. But in the meantime, Lizzie, the Dutchi is darling AND I see that a Brooks saddle is on offer. I would have to immediately forget that it was called the Dutchi, which seems a little twee but I’ve gotten over worse…

    And thank you, Tom, for directing us to your excellent blog. Much food for thought!

  9. Thank-you for Moondoggie! I can’t wait to cruise.

  10. I think that you will want your old bike back.

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