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Bibimbap in Koreatown

In Food, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on August 26, 2010 at 2:37 pm

My sister moved to Santa Monica from Napa Valley almost a year ago, during which time she’s been checking off places to see, things to do, dishes to try from her L.A. To-Do list. The latest on that list was bibimbap (a bowl of sizzling rice served with beef, seaweed and veggies and topped with a fried egg) at my favorite spot in the city: Jeon Ju in Koreatown. We started with a refreshing bowl of cold beef broth with noodles—perfect on a summer day.

Then came the main event, the bibimbap. While many places use ground or sliced beef in their version, Jeon Ju uses kalbi (Korean bbq’d beef short ribs, see top photo) and it’s all served in a sizzling stone pot to make the rice extra crispy. I love to add a bit of kimchi and some Cho Kochujang (a spicy sweet chili pepper sauce) to spice things up. Now, I’ll concede that bibimbap might not be the cure to beat this heat, but it is the recipe for happiness.

2716 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles (cross street Vermont), tel. 213-386-5678

  1. Does Jeon Ju perpetually smell of bleach? Or am I being the silly hypochondriac? Also, can we all go do KBBQ soon? Or some crazy live kill sashimi in Ktown?

    • To be fair, it does not smell of roses but there is something sterile about the environment. I guess I’m too busy freaking out about the bibimbap, which I totally overdosed on when pregnant a few years ago (my child probably still has the stuff coursing through his veins.) And YES – let’s do KBBQ, live kill sashimi, you name it. We live next door to Ktown, count us in.

  2. i’m goona get me some of dat bibimbap stat

  3. If Tony C. is a hypochondriac, so am I, b/c every time I eat (the admittedly great bibimbap) at Jeon Ju, I spend the rest of the night sure that food poisoning must be imminent. Chosun Galbee does a sufficient version, too, though somehow it just doesn’t seem right to be eating cozy, peasant-y bibimbap in a schmantzy outdoor terrace.

    And, uh…I’m available for this KBBQ outing. You know, in case you need addl mouths so you can order more dishes;)

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