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Niche Modern Binary Pendant Lamp

In Design, Fashion, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on August 18, 2010 at 10:59 am

I received several emails yesterday about the pendant lamp in our kitchen. I love hearing from you, especially when you like something but even when you don’t! So thank you—and please don’t be shy, leave a comment! I have to tell you, this lamp really does it for me. I searched high and low to find just the right light fixture to hang above our kitchen table when we redid our kitchen a couple years ago. The winner was this Niche Modern Binary Pendant Lamp in the most delicious chocolate-colored glass. The company offers a dreamy series of hand-blown pendants with filament bulbs.

The initial inspiration for our kitchen lighting came from one of my most prized belongings, a “Bicycle Street, Paris 1963” 30 x 30 photograph from Melvin Sokolsky’s “Bubble” series for Harper’s Bazaar.

"Bicycle Street, Paris 1963" by Melvin Sokolsky

I wanted a translucent bubble-shaped shade floating above the table, much in the way that the bubble floats above Paris in this photograph, and I love the double bulbs in Niche’s binary lamp, which lend an organic feel to the fixture. In fact, this bubble in this photograph inspired much of the kitchen design like the round Cherner table that sits beneath it and a Max Bill clock that hangs nearby above the door.

Why my obsession with this photo? Beside the fact that it is GORGEOUS, forty years after the Bubble series was shot, I had the honor of producing a fashion shoot with Mr. Sokolsky at Disney Hall. We were the very first to shoot a fashion story at Disney Hall—before it was even open to the public—and it was a shoot I’ll never forget. One of my besties, Vincent Boucher, was the stylist on that story and we still laugh about how I literally had to take the shirt off my back (I wish I were kidding) to wipe out smudges left by the crew on Disney’s stainless steel exterior. And that was just the tip of that iceberg’s drama. Here’s a shot from that day. I like to think the metal boules are referencing those larger-than-life plexiglass bubbles Sokolsky used in Paris almost half a century ago…

© Melvin Sokolsky 2003

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