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Hiding Out at Mama’s

In Food, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on August 18, 2010 at 1:37 pm

This morning Tiny G threw his first bona fide tantrum and it was not pretty. Needless to say, after the tears subsided and we successfully made it to preschool, albeit 45 minutes late, Tiny G’s mama needed a little peace and quiet. Which isn’t always easy to come by in LA. So I grabbed a handy little book my friend Susan sent me, Peaceful Places: Los Angeles by Laura Randall. The book features 110 quiet spots across the city, from museums and parks to cafés and courtyards. Randall is a longtime SGV resident whose recommendations span from well-known spots like the Getty to hidden gems like the bluff trails in Palos Verdes. One of my favorites entries is for Mama’s Hot Tamales Café in MacArthur Park. Following Tiny’s histrionics, I hightailed it for Mama’s and settled into a brightly painted corner table and ordered a couple tamales and a cold tamarindo. And lots of salsa, extra spicy, because I needed it.

The lights were low, and a couple of floor fans kept the place cool. I ate my tamales while I watched a father and school-age son enjoy their enchiladas at a nearby table, while a husband and wife quietly chatted over salads. Peace was restored in the land. Just in time for me to go pick up Tiny G from school…

  1. love mama’s! and did you see lety’s paintings? she is having a show there now!

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