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Love is in the Hair

In On Location: Out and About in L.A. on July 27, 2010 at 12:43 pm

I absolutely hate photos of myself, and this one is no exception. But I had to share because of the hair. First thing this morning (after dropping off Tiny G at preschool) I went to see Alissa Tietgen at Neil George. I was her first appointment since she had gotten back from two weeks in Paris. It was her first time in Paris and she fell in love with the city and all the chic women and their hair. Here is the cut she gave me, and je l’adore.

[PS: Note to self—SMILE!]

  1. Wow!! You look even more younger than I imagined. Not that I fantasized about you or anything….:) Anyway, nice haircut! Love your blog- it’s an inspiration!!

  2. Not that I don’t love the hair, tres chic, but really diggin’ the sunglasses….

  3. Love! I remember when my former colleague Jessica Kerwin first came back from moving to Paris for a visit. She’s gone over with long hair and heavy bangs and came back with this pixie-ish messy fabulous crop. She said her secret was two young kids in her building whose hair always managed to look so easy, breezy, cool, so she asked their mom where they got it cut and ended up sitting in a little race car seat and getting her hair chopped at a kids salon! The French know what they are talking about.

  4. My sister-in Law is the worlds best colorist (she flew out here to do Kelly & Regis last week- be on the show i mean, not color those two) and she is there at Neil George! Lorri Goddard Clark! All the chi chi chicest go there! xoxoxo

  5. PS- Guy cuts my hair there… he is AWESOME!

  6. The Foodinista looks beautiful (as always)! I also love the sun specs…

  7. MY God! Look at the ads in the front of the latest Vanity Fair – you look exactly like that new model who is everywhere. She’s in the Chanel ads and the Max Mara ones. Very cool hair…love it.

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