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First Day of School

In Baby Love on July 6, 2010 at 7:27 am

Today marks Tiny G’s first day of preschool at Wagon Wheel in Los Angeles. He has been going to a weekly Parent & Me Class there for the past 9 months and he loves it—and what’s not to love? The teachers are great (he has a huge crush on Erica), and the school itself is so cheerful I’d like to spend my days there. So why am I so freaked out? Because my little baby is growing up. As my friend Shelby says, “the first cut is the deepest.”

I’ve been trying to distract myself—albeit superficially—by thinking about his outfit for his First Day of School. Last week, while we were in Vermont visiting my inlaws, I found the cutest Zutano shirt at Northshire Books (one of my favorite stores on earth—and don’t even get me started on the maple corn muffin in the café). I love that Zutano is a Vermont-based company, with an emphasis on sustainable practices, and hey, the stuff is pretty freaking cute.

Then today, Tiny G and I tagged along with my sister, Claire, to check out some shoes she was considering at Tory Burch on Roberston. While in the neighborhood we popped into a couple of kids stores, including the GapKids 1969 pop-up store. Where I found it impossible to resist these jeans with skull print. Tough stuff, Tiny G!

Of course he is way too short for them, so he will have to cuff them several times. All the better to show off his new kicks!

  1. Sweet Supergas George!

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