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Postcards from Billy: 40th Birthday Recap

In Fashion on July 5, 2010 at 9:15 am

Ballroom champion Anna Trull with birthday boy Billy Fong at the Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas

Dearest Foodinista,

Lordy, lordy I’m 40. I had stressed for months leading up to the birthday weekend that I would turn in to some awful bride who spends the whole time stressing about inconsequential details and thankfully that did not occur. Thanks in large part to the fact that everyone got along so well (hey, I’m selfish as hell and chose the inner circle well).  I am so happy that you met everyone and especially Miss Brooke Hortenstine. Did I not say in advance, the two of you were separated at birth – effortlessly stylish girls who work in the fashion trade, but have never drank the Kool-Aid. Also, the minute you started talking about L.L. Cool J and she brought up TI, well I was so happy to be a fly on that wall.

Every moment of this weekend was a perfect mix of high and low (you know me, I like to mix up Le Cirque with some trashy hustler bar). Christen and Derek Wilson were so sweet to arrange for two caregivers (she kept texting me before we got there – “take your time, we got two nannies ready for any child emergencies”).  Pool time was incredibly chic and I was so happy that I had lost 4 lbs before I got to Dallas – love, love your uber-stylized Facebook pics which began with a poolside table with Vogue, cell phones, cigs and overflowing ashtrays.

The Mansion, of course, did not fail to live up to expectations. What were your favorite outfits of the weekend?Anna Trull, ballroom dancing champion, looked flawless with her bob hairdo and touch-the-sky false eyelashes.  I’m sad you missed my final outfit – slim fitting khaki shorts with Psycho Bunny (with the requisite bunny) argyle knee socks, Hermes belt and prep school white Brooks Brothers button-up oxford.  The mix of music was so me, slightly schizophrenic the way it went from jock jams like House of Pain (love me some shamrocks and shenanigans) to old school rap (L.L.’s stories – so intriguing) and 80s new wave.

So, on to more important details – gifts.  Your Filson shooting bag arrived today and I’ve had the biggest grin on my face ever since I opened the card that said “Happy shooting.”

Brooke’s navy blue Panama Smythson address book with BF monogrammed in silver will be the perfect complement.  Now, I must find some chic bullets. Perhaps some Ich Luge ones, like those that Christian Slater refers to in Heathers would be best.  I now know that the perfect storm for a birthday is girl friends and cocktails (both in large doses), as well as a chic locale.

Well, onwards and upwards, perhaps 50 will be even bigger if I make it another 10 years?

XXX Billy

p.s. See you soon.  I heard about this really cool Crafts Fair that we must go to together in L.A.