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Ladurée Macarons

In Fashion, Food on July 1, 2010 at 9:14 am

On my first trip to Paris back in 1982, my grandfather took me to Ladurée on Rue Royale every day for a macaron. As a kid, my favorite flavor was chocolat. By the time I moved to Paris at the age of 25, I’d moved on from chocolat and liked to pop into the patisserie for a large macaron a la pistache before going to catch a flick at the Le Champo. These days, what with a two-year-old running around, I don’t find myself in Paris much (read: EVER). It’s been three years since I’ve been back, but no matter. My friends Adam and Booth go a couple times a year to cover the fashion shows and on their last day in town, they stop by Ladurée and get some minis to go. This week, fresh off the men’s shows, Adam brought back to Vermont an assortment of pistache (still my favorite), caramel with salted butter and the latest flavor—mimosa! C’est si bon! And check out this gorgeous box, designed by two Ottoman princesses and sisters, Yaz and Emel Kurhan of the Paris-based Yazbukey line. Je l’adore! Thank you, Adam!

  1. Thanks for bringing back my memories of my first trip to Paris…..in the 80’s…..I’ll be right back the at the end of August, my first since the Millennium.! Ecstatic

  2. oooohh. I’m a little jealous right now. I savored Laduree macaroons a few months ago when I received them as a gift at a chic wedding in London…bite by bite, they lasted me almost the whole time I was stuck there under the volcano ash. Adam – will you be my macaroon mule too?

  3. those looks delicious. i have never had a macaroon from france before but i bet they are divine.

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