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Garlic Scape Pesto

In Food, Out of Town on June 30, 2010 at 5:53 am

Most days hearing the words “garlic scape” will send me into orbit faster than just about any two words in the English language, thanks to a gentleman I once knew who lived to pontificate about cows nibbling on garlic scapes. Precious doesn’t begin to cover it. But here in Vermont, ALL I want to talk about are garlic scapes. They’re the green shoots or stalks that grow out of the garlic head and are much milder in flavor without the bitter bite. My sister-in-law Kate likes to chop them up in salads, which I love. My new favorite discovery, however, is garlic scape pesto! I bought a jar from Singing Cedars Farmstead at the Dorset Farmers Market on Sunday and am smitten.

We’ve tossed it with mozzarella and farmstand cherry tomatoes, and slathered it on toast.

And today, I made an epic sammie with garlic scape pesto, sliced turkey, cherry tomatoes and swiss on toasted whole grain. If you have a favorite garlic scape pesto recipe, I’d love to try it when we get back home. I’ve found a few inspirations online (some with pinenuts, others with almonds) so hope to be able to perfect this new fave.

  1. Can you find garlic scape anywhere or is it a Vermont thing? I’ve never heard of it before. By the way, that house looks amazing. Since I was a child, I’ve pictured myself living in a rustic home in Vermont and spending all my time curled up in front of a fireplace reading, cooking, or meeting friends for wine in a ski lodge. I’m still hoping that might be my destiny!

  2. That looks amazing. Thanks for introducing me to the idea of garlic scape pesto. can’t wait to try some as soon as I can find some garlic scape!

  3. the sandwich looks gorgeous. i have never had pesto on my sandwich before… i should definitely try that soon!

  4. As a die-hard garlic lover I’m kind of excited by this post, I’ve never heard of garlic scrape (alas, I thought this might be an ode to an unfortunate incident involving a clove of garlic and a zester!) so I’ll be on the hunt for it in SoCal or Central Cal. Thanks for the tip!

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