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Greetings from the Green Mountain State

In Out of Town on June 29, 2010 at 9:17 am

On Friday we flew from LAX > ORD > ALB, where my mother-in-law picked us up and drove us by the light of the full moon an hour an half to my inlaws’ home in Manchester, VT. On this visit we are staying in the Pink Room, which is part of the original house built in 1790. Look at the beams. And the fireplace. I can’t remember when I’ve slept so well!

As tempting as it would be to hole up in this peaceful oasis, we’ve been spending all our time out of doors, even in the warm rain. Tiny G has visited a nearby farm to see the chickens and sheep (on Friday we’re hoping to return to meet the newborn piglets), and has been keeping an eye on a chipping sparrow nest in a topiary on the patio.

There have also been farmers market and farm stand visits and a certain jar of garlic scape pesto that definitely deserves its own post, so check back!

  1. Wow, what a beautiful room! No wonder you slept so soundly. Looking forward to reading about your garlic scape pesto!

  2. I too have slept well in that same wonderful room. Photos are wonderful and make me miss it more!

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