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Virtuous Quinoa

In Food, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on May 22, 2010 at 9:15 am

Following a very naughty girls lunch yesterday with Anne and Booth at Bouchon in Beverly Hills—that started with Krug and ended with crème caramel and all manner of butter-drenched goodness in between—I’m mending my ways with a pious lunch today. At the beginning of each week I make a big bowl of red quinoa to keep in the fridge so that I can scoop out half a cup for lunch and add whatever leftovers are in the fridge. Quinoa is one of those super foods—a complete protein, so it’s almost like having a big red, juicy steak but without the fat or guilt. For this version, I chopped up pea tendrils, green onions, a leftover grilled chicken breast, sprinkled some crumbled feta and tossed with half a cup of quinoa and a tablespoon of Bragg’s Ginger Sesame Salad Dressing (recommended by nutritionist Ashley Koff).

It’s a virtuous lunch, which leaves room in life and your waistline for Vouvray-drenched moments like these:

Thank you, Anne, for sharing these photos and being so fabulous that they sent out FOUR desserts. We love you!

  1. the thin edge of the wedge… but worth every bite! hello quinoa! xox

  2. Thanks for the inspiration Foodinista! I am starting to squint down the dim tunnel of bridal dieting for the next several months. I loathe insipid food. Quinoa has always been waaaaay too vegan-sounding for me, but hey – if it’s good enough for the Foodinista, well then it darn well will be good enough for me! I think I will doctor it up the way I did my farro salad the other night, panzanella-style with red-wine vinegar and olive oil dressing. Will let you know how it goes! xo

  3. That’s the prettiest creme caramel since..wait for it…the one at the “I always have it here” Relais Plaza!

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