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Have Your Steak and Eat it, Too

In Food on May 14, 2010 at 2:52 pm

Here is the latest entry in the Clean Living series, and a favorite dinner option when I worked with my friend and celeby nutritionist Ashley Koff to loose 20 lbs of baby weight last year. What you’re looking at is a grilled 6-ounce buffalo New York steak, dusted with cayenne pepper and ancho powder, which adds nice smokey heat.

Buffalo is super lean and mean, with less than 1/3 the fat of beef, half the calories and 70% more iron. The above steak probably has about 4 grams of fat and clocks in at around 250 calories. Mr. Foodinista grills it just a few minutes a side (it’s so lean that it can get tough if overcooked).

For the veggies, I roasted a couple of pasilla peppers over a gas burner on our range while Mr. Foodinista grilled some yellow onions outside. Once the peppers had blistered, I set them in a covered bowl to steam for 15 minutes, and then I peeled off the skins, deveined and seeded and chopped the pasillas. The chopped peppers got tossed with the grilled onions, a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of pimentón, or smoked Spanish paprika, which makes everything taste like bacon. A guilt-free and most satisfying bit of fakery.

  1. Ms. Foodinista,

    Where do you get your lovely buffalo steaks? Not sure where to look for them in LA.

    • The Whole Foods at 3rd/Fairfax has buffalo steaks – both NY & ribeye. But for the best buffalo steaks, check out the buffalo lady at the Santa Monica farmers market on Wed/Sat. The BEST!

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