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Watching Paint Dry

In Design on May 12, 2010 at 9:38 am

Today we are supposed to be all finished with our garage project! Of course I don’t believe that for a second, having lived through a major house renovation two years ago, but we’re close. That much I know. At this point, all that’s left is to put the hardware on the new custom-built garage carriage doors, a pull on the “secret” door that leads to the storage, and a final coat of Benjamin Moore “Poppy” paint (above) on the bookshelf. In fact, the bookshelf has proven to be something of a challenge. High gloss paint is a pain in the patootie! Just ask the last painter, who painstakingly painted all the woodwork in our dining room in high-gloss Farrow & Ball “Fawn.” But the results are so worth it!

  1. Looks positively stunning!

  2. That blue is gorgeous! Would you mind telling me that paint color please?

  3. I custom mixed the color using Farrow & Ball Stone Blue and Farrow & Ball Hague Blue – I think it was about 50/50. It depends how much light you get in the room. I loved the swatch of Stone Blue but when I put up the Stone Blue on the walls it ended up looking more cornflower and I was surprised just how much dark (Hague) I had to mix in to get it to where I wanted it. That said, I would caution against custom mixing as after the last earthquake touching up cracks I am down to the last drops of my custom mix. If you can find a close enough color that is premixed (I’d look at Fine Paints of Europe—they have a similar, often identical palette to F&B but with more choices) you’ll be happier in the long run!

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