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Spinach and Green Garlic Soup

In Drink, Food on April 22, 2010 at 12:43 pm

I’m married to a man who doesn’t like soup. Correction: I’m married to a man who says he doesn’t like soup, but each time we have soup for dinner he says, “I don’t usually like soup, but this is delicious.” (Similarly a friend is married to a man who “doesn’t like lamb,” but is always surprised by how good it is when served to him.) The latest in the grand slams of soup is this insane Spinach and Green Garlic Soup, a recipe I cribbed from my talented colleague Molly Wizenberg of Orangette.

Earlier this week I found some green garlic at farmer’s market, though it wasn’t quite so young and petite as to have those pretty pink stripes (ideally green garlic should be closer to the size of a scallion). So what is green garlic? It’s garlic that’s harvested super young before the cloves start to form. The flavor is milder with less of that bitter bite. As you can see, the green garlic I grabbed was a little more mature, but still far more subtle and sweet than mature garlic.

When I sliced into it, I could see the cloves starting to take shape. Beautiful. Isn’t that wild?

Okay, so back to Molly’s perfect recipe. It really is incredibly simple—and simply delicious. After sautéing green garlic in olive oil and a little pat of butter, vegetable stock is added and the mixture simmers for a mere 15 minutes. Fresh baby spinach gets sprinkled into the soup and sits for five minutes.

Then purée, add a dollop of crème fraîche and prepare to fall in love. Oh, and if you need a little something on the side, try a glass of 2009 Ponzi Pinot Gris ($17/bottle). Crisp and fruity floral, I love it with this richly flavored spring soup.

  1. Ooh, that looks simple and delicious! I’ve really gotta hop to it with my new stick blender and try more recipes like this.

  2. I LOVE this soup. I’ve made one batch already this spring, and your post has inspired me to make another!

  3. HURRAH! I’m so glad you (and the man) liked the soup! I was just thinking about this recipe, realizing that it’s time to make a batch. And now I’ll have to pick up some pinot gris to have alongside.

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