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A Healthier Work Week

In Food on April 20, 2010 at 10:21 am

Despite my best intentions, I end up eating a lot of stuff I probably shouldn’t. Typically my transgressions involve Mexican food or some sort of dumpling. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But in order to make way for my next pot of Su Jae Bi, I’m trying to eat more veggies and lean protein during the week with the idea that on weekends, the gloves are off. Yesterday, I hit up the Plummer Park Farmers Market in West Hollywood, where I filled my bag with fava beans, artichokes, squash blossoms, flowering rapini, asparagus, green garlic, some feta and a couple filets of local yellowtail. Oh – and a really pretty bouquet of anemones for $4.

Last night, while Mr Foodinista grilled the yellowtail, I steamed a few artichokes using my dad’s simple method. Slice off tops of artichokes, and carve off tough outer leaves at bottom. Fill a pot with about an inch of water. Smash a few garlic cloves and throw them in. Squeeze half a lemon into the water.

Place artichokes in water and drizzle with your favorite olive oil. We grab a half gallon jug of this stuff from the Napa Olive Oil Company every time we visit my parents up north. It’s really mellow and great for cooking.

Simmer artichokes for 40 minutes or until tender. Squeeze a little more lemon on top and enjoy, guilt free.

  1. hey i picked up the same things at the plummers market too! let’s carpool next time! love our fish truck on mondays!

  2. what an easy way to cook artichokes. I’m always intimidated by them so never cook them. Speaking of oils though, I used peanut oil last night for the first time and oh it was heaven! The smell it left in my house was divine!

  3. Great timing on this recipe, as a wild artichoke plant in a nearby field has become a consistent source of high-flavor artichokes. I didn’t have any lemons handy but a touch of balsamic vinegar worked really well in their place.

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