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And Liberty of London for All!

In Baby Love, Design on April 6, 2010 at 3:50 pm

With all the chatter about the Liberty of London for Target flying off store shelves, I thought I’d share my own Liberty of London obsession. Like this bunny that my dad gave me when I was a kid in England (above), covered in Liberty fabric, or these velvet frogs with fabric feet—also from my childhood—which sit atop Tiny G’s dresser:

In our own bedroom hanging above the French doors, there are vintage Liberty Ianthe curtains from the 1970s, which I bought on ebay from a seller in the UK for $300 including shipping (I had priced having new ones made, but it would have run around $2,000 for the fabric alone!). I love the retro colorway on these—various shades of brown, coral and rust.

And atop our dresser sits another ebay find, a vintage ceramic cachepot, also in the Ianthe pattern. I had envisioned potting some sort of exotic begonia within, but instead my husband has appropriated it for his belts???? So who’s the crazy one, here?

  1. Last week I noticed that the Liberty of London for Target goods aren’t as scarce in Orange County. There was plenty of everything!

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