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Middle-Eastern Lamb Meatballs

In Drink, Food on March 8, 2010 at 10:30 pm

Ack! I’ve been on deadline all day and this is the first second I’ve had to post! First, a huge thanks to our neighbors Martha and Alex for hosting a killer Oscar party last night. Martha, a fourth-generation New Mexican, made her legendary margs, as well as a huge pot of posole and tamales. She has all these gorgeous silver platters, passed down generations, and so everything tastes just a little bit more magical served on these family heirlooms. Here are some yummy sausages that Alex grilled (from Trader Joe’s!) as well as some of his wife’s margs.

Because they are irresistible, I had a couple of potent margs and got so caught up in the Oscar madness that I neglected to snap pics of all the other yummy food, like a delicious salad our neighbor Jen brought or the insane tres leches cake Martha and Alex’s friend Eli brought from Animal restaurant. Good—and dangerous—to know you can get that stuff to go!

I zigged from the Mexican-themed menu and, at the suggestion of Eating LA‘s Pat Saperstein, paid homage to The Hurt Locker with Middle-Eastern Sesame Lamb Meatballs and a divine mint yogurt-cheese dip. Let’s start with the dip. On Saturday night I drained the whey from the yogurt overnight by pouring whole-milk plain yogurt into a sieve lined with cheese cloth, covering and sticking in the fridge till morning.

The result is a delicious, thick yogurt cheese. The next morning, I mixed in chopped fresh mint and a sprinkling of salt. It was so good I think I’ll do this regularly for breakfast! Even Tiny G was babbling for more.

The lamb meatballs themselves were pretty straight forward to prepare and went lickety split at the Oscar party. This recipe is def a keeper. Sauté some minced garlic and chopped onion in oil and then mix with allspice, mint, cinnamon. Add fresh breadcrumbs, ground lamb and beaten egg. I skipped the currants. Then mix and roll into tablespoon-sized balls. Roll meatballs individually in lightly toasted sesame seeds. Bake at 450 for about 10 minutes and serve!

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  1. Looks yum! Will most definitely try this recipe as I FINALLY found a butcher that sells lamb. Seems like Germans aren’t big on lamb as the rest of the world.

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