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Pop Tart: The End is Near

In Food, Media on March 2, 2010 at 1:01 pm

My neighbor Alex sent this pic of an ad for the Daytona 500 printed ON the icing of a Pop Tart (Alex claims it was his coworker who was eating the tart). After two weeks of watching the Olympics LIVE, I’ve reached my saturation point with advertising, especially some of my favorite brands/icons… Audi’s Truth in Engineering (even though there are two in our driveway), Morgan Freeman and Life Takes VISA (even if I cried every time that skater did a victory lap with his daughter), to say nothing of how many years will pass before I’m ready to look at another bottle of Coke and “open happiness” (even though Mexican Coke is one of my favorite indulgences). But it’s live TV, so all is fair in love and advertising. But to be ambushed upon innocently opening a Pop Tart?

“It’s a sign that the apocalypse is near,” Alex says.