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World Dinner Maps

In Design on February 13, 2010 at 7:19 am

Was freaking out last night that I didn’t have enough of my favorite Taïr Mercier translucent polypropylene place mats that I got in Paris a few years ago and then I remembered! For Christmas, my sister got Tiny G a set of 50 groovy disposable place mats featuring maps of four cities: Paris, London, New York and Tokyo. As it turns out, I’ll have enough of the Tokyo maps to set the table for our party of 10 tonight!

Haven’t yet nailed down flowers for the table, tick tock tick tock, but got great suggestions from Matthew in New York:

Florence Bond Peonies (white) with tulips. Forsythia (so simple, but so springy!) with wisteria wrapped around the stem, or falling from the vase to the table.

  1. These are so fun. I’m excited to see they come in a laminated reusable variety as well. I’ve been looking for cute laminated place mats for my cat’s meals but so far have come up with cheesy florals. Will most def scoop these babies up!

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