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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (for Him)

In Design, Drink, Fashion, Food on February 9, 2010 at 6:29 pm

Since Mr Foodinista will be traveling the rest of this week, I will be traveling all of next, and we’re having 8 friends over for dinner on Saturday night, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day this evening with dinner at Hungry Cat. We don’t typically do a gift exchange (last year he surprised me with a favorite Chanel nail varnish, and I spent an absurd amount on a pair of Façonnable boxer shorts), but if we did, these would all be a huge hit with the mister, minus the gin—but as the saying goes, happy wife, happy life. Clockwise, from top left:

Nuñez de Prado Olive Oil ($26.75/1L): An organic and fruity olive oil from Spain with a great nutty flavor. And love the tin.

Hermès Orange Vert Soap ($30): My husband hates to wear cologne, but is totally into this soap with a clean and subtle citrusy, woodsy scent. Ladies: this is what you dream a dude will smell like.

Paul Smith Pyjamas ($215): I got a pair of just the bottoms for Mr Foodinista for Christmas (I think you can grab them separately at the West Hollywood boutique for about $100—ask for Chad) and the cotton is sooo nice and washes really well.

Junipero Gin ($30/750 ml): The name of this artisanal gin from San Francisco says it all. This one is SUPER juniper-y and crisp, and tastes deceptively light in a gin in tonic. But make no mistake, it’s 100 proof.

Converse Chuck Taylors All Stars ($45): Mr Foodinista’s go-to shoe, which he buys pair after pair in black. I’m digging the charcoal though and wonder if I might persuade my Valentine to go grey?

Wilson Six.One Tour Racquet ($200): Federer’s and Mr Foodinista’s racquet of choice, which I don’t quite get on the part of the latter because apparently it’s nearly impossible to play with but I guess he likes a challenge. I’m just happy to make contact with the ball and drink Arnold Palmers…

  1. Hungry Cat = drool. Especially their awesome cheese plates! Chuck Taylors are my go-to gift for my guy. I can’t tell you how you how many pairs he’s gone through in the time I’ve known him. 🙂

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